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A Day-to-Night Skincare Routine Using (Almost) All CosMedix Products

August 14, 2017

Welcome back to our day-to-night skincare routine series featuring our expert milk + honey estheticians. Today, we turn to Hill Country Galleria esthetician, Juliana, for a sneak peek into what skincare products she’s currently using. From CosMedix Purity Balance to the new Shineless Moisturizer, get ready to be inspired (and then follow suit!).

From Juliana

For my full Summer skincare regimen, I’m currently using almost all CosMedix products. Normally, I switch up my skincare regimen day to day, depending on how my skin feels. When I’m in a hurry, my go-to products are organic, alcohol-free witch hazel wipes to cleanse and balance my skin, a serum, and a moisturizer.


AM Skincare Routine

Cleanser: CosMedix RX Clean
“I love it because it provides a good amount of exfoliation. Using a cleanser with an exfoliant in it is a quick and easy way to add some extra exfoliation into your skincare routine.”

Toner: CosMedix Purity Balance or Mystic
“Depending on the oiliness of my skin, I’ll use different toners. On a day where my skin is very oily, I’ll use CosMedix Purity Balance to keep my skin feeling extra fresh. If my skin is feeling dry, I tend to use CosMedix Mystic. The aloe and cucumber are really cooling, which is especially great during Summer. I love using this product because it can be worn over makeup as well. I always bring Mystic when I travel to keep my skin hydrated and glowing.”

Serum: CosMedix Simply Brilliant
“After balancing my skin with a toner, I apply Simply Brilliant. This is a great brightening serum that I love wearing during the day. I also use this serum after light to medium peels.”

Moisturizer: CosMedix Peptide Rich Defense Moisturizer
“This product has an SPF of 50, encourages the production of collagen, and infuses your skin with peptides, all while feeling incredibly light on the skin.”

And one last thing! “Throughout the day, I’ll drink lots of water that I filter with a reverse osmosis system. Sometimes I add fruit or mint to switch it up a bit. Organic lemon is my favorite fruit to add to my water. Staying well hydrated is a wonderful thing to do for your skin and overall health.”


PM Skincare Routine


Remove: “At the end of the day, the first thing I do is remove my eye makeup if I’m not wearing lash extension. My favorite makeup removers are CosMedix Purity Solution and the Everything Oil from milk + honey. Both of these have a lot of nourishing ingredients and I love their natural scents too!”

Cleanse + Tone: “I use the same cleanser and toner for my nighttime routine as I use for my morning routine. Easy.”


Serum: CosMedix X-Cell+ Serum
“At night, my go-to serum is the X-Cell+ serum from CosMedix. This product builds collagen, brightens, and helps balance my oil production. I also love it because if I feel like doing a stronger peel, I’m already prepped.”


Eye Cream: CosMedix Eye Doctor
“Sometimes, I’ll tap on CosMedix Eye Doctor onto my ocular bone.  This is my favorite eye cream because of the high potency. It hydrates, builds collagen, brightens, and reduces puffiness. To help reduce the puffiness from my face and neck, I’ll sometimes place geranium oil on my lymph points and do a lymph massage.”


Moisturizer: CosMedix Shinless Moisturizer
“Lately, I have been using Shineless by CosMedix. This moisturizer has been working well for me this Summer because it is oil free. It also has a lot of awesome hydrating ingredients and it absorbs really well.”


Disclaimer: If you are using exfoliants, sun protection is extremely important. Along with my favorite sunscreens, I will use waterproof sunscreen, and reapply when I’m out boating, hiking, or doing anything outdoors. Hats and shades are also great ways to protect yourself from UV rays. It is also important to keep your vitamin D levels optimal year-round. Bioidentical D3 with K2 absorbs best. Your doctor can let you know how many milligrams to take each season if vitamin D supplementation is right for you.


All CosMedix products are available at milk + honey 2nd Street District, Hill Country Galleria, South Lamar, and River Oaks locations.

{Photo credit: CosMedix Instagram}

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