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November 12, 2008

Weather isn’t the only thing that changes during the winter. Your skin can go into hibernation if you’re not careful. When warm weather is replaced with colder, drier air, your skin’s moisture levels often drop. Artificial heat in our homes, cars, and work can leave skin dehydrated. Those of us who use CosMedix are well aware that it is an incredibly active line that often penetrates your skin even better when it’s dry. A small adjustment in your skin care regimen is all that may be needed to protect your skin through the winter months. Make an appointment with your favorite Esthetician for a consultation to winterize your skin!

Particularly dry skin? The easiest way to stay hydrated this winter is Emulsion from CosMedix. Emulsion Intense Hydrator provides a soothing blend of nature’s perfect moisturizers – jojoba oil and shea butter – in a unique liquid crystal formulation that will infuse your skin with intense moisture.

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