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Best Hair Masques For Common Hair Concerns

June 23, 2021
hair shining outdoors

Your hair is your crowning glory, but in your effort to make it so, it’s likely that your tresses are — a little stressed. From blow dryers to flat irons and from highlights to lowlights, and any assortment of boxed dyes and hair products, it might be time for a little TLC. A good hair masque (also known as a hair mask) could be the breath of life you need to restore hair that’s lifeless and dull.

Fortified with “good for your hair” ingredients like keratin, bamboo extract, and powerful antioxidants, hair masques offer deep hydration to repair dry and damaged hair. While the formula you choose should be tailored to your specific hair concerns, hair masques can pick up where your conditioner leaves off; they deep condition parched hair, repair split ends, and perhaps, more importantly, restore your hair to its former glory. Ahead we’ll take a look at a few of the best hair masques for common hair concerns. 


Best Hair Masque For Color-Treated Hair

Davines Essential Minu Hair Mask ($38)

Made with caper blossom extract sourced from Italy, Davines Essential Minu hair mask is packed with Vitamin B and iron, both of which are incredibly important for healthy hair. Formulated to deeply nourish color-treated hair,  this hair mask leaves your hair soft and silky without weighing it down. To use, apply to towel-dried hair, leave in for 10 to 15 minutes,  comb through, rinse, and style as usual.


Best Hair Masques For Dry or Damaged Hair

Kevin Murphy Angel Masque ($39)

Made with a nourishing blend of bamboo extract and eight essential amino acids, Kevin Murphy’s Angel Masque not only restores crucial moisture while offering deep repair, but it also provides a protective barrier, restores elasticity, and boosts volume and shine. To use, massage into the scalp for 2 to 10 minutes, rinse and style as usual. 

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque ($117)

The key to gorgeous hair is deep hydration, and Kevin Murphy delivers plenty of it with the Hydrate Me Masque. Formulated with rosehip fruit extract, evening primrose oil, and shea butter, this masque deep conditions and repairs your hair. This unique formula also features vitamin-charged micro-capsules that explode on contact to moisturize your hair from root to tip. To use, massage into the scalp for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 


Best Hair Masque For Damaged Hair

Davines Essential SU Hair Mask ($29)

For those who spend a lot of time in the sun and sand, Davines Essential SU hair mask is a must-have. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, this hair mask deep conditions and restores hydration to hair that’s been damaged from sun exposure, salt, and chlorine. Designed for use during and after sun exposure, this mask can be applied to towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5–15 minutes, then rinse clean.

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask ($28)

Infused with Virtue Labs proprietary alpha keratin 60ku®, this intense hydrating hair mask deep conditions hair to impart shine and moisture. This lightweight formula works on all hair types and restores resiliency in under 3 minutes without weighing your hair down. To use, apply generously to wet hair, distribute evenly and rinse off after 2 – 3 minutes. Use once a week or as needed.  

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How to Help Your Blowout Last 5 Days

September 16, 2019

If you ask me, blowouts are among life’s greatest luxuries. Sure, a full-on spa day is also a treat, but it requires both a larger time and financial commitment. On the flip side, there’s always 45 minutes open somewhere on your calendar, which is exactly how long it takes to receive a blowout at SALON by milk + honey. From the head massage to the light-airy hairstyle, I always leave the salon fully relaxed and feeling 10/10 confident. I’ve done quite a bit of R+D to develop tricks that extend the post-blowout feeling and I’m here to share what works for my hair.

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The 5 Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

July 7, 2017

Hi everyone!

It’s Diano from the River Oaks salon — and here we are in the first beautiful days of summer. As we dive into the heat and humidity, I want to share my take on some of the most popular hairstyles of the season. But before I do, I should give you some context for how I approach these styles.

  • These “takes” can change based on my clients’ needs, expectations, and desires.
  • I want to create something for you that you love.
  • Together, we’re going to create a stylish, fashionable, fun, and easy hairstyle.

The Five Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

1. Pixie Cut

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

What Makes the Pixie Cut Great?

It’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and offers you more freedom. You’ll use considerably fewer haircare products and save on time in the mornings, making it a true wash-and-go style. It’s great for a power look and allows you to play with different color trends. If you’re looking to stand out, the pixie cut helps to accentuate facial features.

Take Into Consideration…

You may be seeing your stylist more often for quick trims and touch-ups — and you may need to wash your hair more often due to the higher concentration of natural oils.


2. Bangs

Photo credit: David Shankbone

Why Should I Get Bangs This Summer?

Yes, bangs are a commitment game-changer, but there are so many styles to choose. From blunt (bold!) to sweeping (face-framing and romantic!) to the fringe (softer! choppier!), bangs can be the main focus of your look. They shape and enhance the eyes, and for those looking to cover your forehead, this is a simple solution.

Take Into Consideration…

Unless you plan on growing them out, bangs need touch-ups frequently. Contrary to popular frustration with “in-between” bangs, if you are growing them out, I can create fun ways to maintain them easily.

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Five Reasons You’ll Love Kevin.Murphy’s New Bedroom.Hair

July 5, 2017

Summer is all about easy, effortless beachy waves. What better way to achieve those waves than with the light and flexible Bedroom.Hair hairspray ($29) from Kevin.Murphy. This finishing spray helps lock in moisture to your curls and waves, giving you long-lasting hold without weighing your hair down.

5 Reasons We Love Bedroom.Hair:

  1. Adds shines and hold to your hair for that perfect “lived-in” look.
  2. Locks in your curls and waves shape, allowing you to wear your natural hair texture even longer.
  3. Contains sunflower seed and ginger root extract which conditions, protects, and strengthens your hair.
  4. Offers all-day flexible hold.
  5. Leaves your hair feeling soft and touchable.


Interested in trying Bedroom.Hair by Kevin.Murphy? You’ll find this product at all five SALON by milk + honey locations.

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