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A Focus on Your Skin

March 17, 2013

Annette is one of our fantastic Estheticians at milk + honey 2nd Street District. Here is her article, A Focus on Your Skin.

Your skin is an important part of your everyday beauty. Beauty that isn’t just skin deep, but helps rejuvenate not only the body but the soul.

There are many immediate benefits that you can gain from after your facial besides the beautiful, freshly exfoliated, glowing new skin. The relaxation you get from the luxurious massaging of the hands, arms and shoulders is also good for lymph drainage, circulation of blood flow, and easing of muscle tension. The best part of receiving a facial at milk + honey is that you get it all: beautiful, soft, dewy, glowing skin and extreme relaxation.

After an in-depth consultation, the milk + honey Esthetics professionals will custom build you a facial to achieve the results you are looking for. But what happens after your facial? We go back to our hectic lives, normal routines and rituals. We might keep with our new skin regimen for a few weeks and then find ourselves slipping into our old ways. It’s human nature, but we should strive to be better. The way to constantly help your skin is by reminding yourself to follow through. Form new habits and pave your way to happy, healthy skin: wash your face morning and night, make standing appointments for facials, drink water, moisturize, don’t pick!

By letting your Esthetician know what kind of time you want to devote to your skin care regimen, and what your goals are, we will be able to give you the best service imaginable, to exceed your expectations, and to alleviate the stresses of your everyday life. Use the facial to get yourself in a better routine of using products to help your skin health, such as serums, scrubs and weekly masks.

Your skin is important, and so are you. No one deserves glowing skin more than you do.

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