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Baby, It’s Cold Outside – How’s Your Skin Doing?

November 13, 2014

{Guest post by one of milk + honey’s expert estheticians, Bella G.}

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “how often should I get a facial?”… The thing is — there’s no standard answer. Instead, here are the factors and questions I ask to frame a response and “plan of action” for the best type of skincare for you.

What type of skin do you have?
– Someone with active, chronic acne might need to initially come more often (sometimes as much as every week in the beginning), so the esthetician can perform extractions to help stop the breakout cycle and closely monitor how the skin is doing on the prescribed at-home skincare.
– Mature skin benefits from monthly facials to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells that dull the complexion.
– Normal and sensitive skin types can go for longer periods, but I think all skin types should come in at least quarterly.

What’s your budget?
– I’d rather see you once a year than not at all. This gives us a chance to talk about your skin. I can answer any questions you have and can set you up with an at-home skincare regimen that meets the needs of your face and wallet.
– Choosing to invest in your skin this year? Come every month. Then we can add peels, make sure that you are on some form of vitamin A as well as an epidermal growth factor, and regularly apply micro-currents to the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Is there an issue you want to focus on?
– Hyper-pigmentation can be radically reduced with a series of peels spaced two to three weeks apart.
– Acne can benefit from regular extractions and an occasional peel to help purge any deep congestion.
– Just want to relax? There is something about having another person’s hands on your face, head, neck and shoulders that creates a deep state of calm. Facials are actually a great stress reliever!

I will say that the ideal is that I get to see you every month. Your outermost layer of skin (the stratum corneum) renews itself approximately every 28 days. Getting a monthly facial means that you can enjoy having a refreshed appearance immediately and better penetration of any products you are using at home. Over time, you get the benefits of having your new cells replicated by the now healthier treated cells, and all your products will work faster and more effectively. There is definitely a cumulative effect to having regular facials.

– Increases blood circulation allowing for optimal skin health.
– Decreases puffiness, sallow complexion, and detoxifies by stimulating the lymphatic system.
– Facial massage smooths fine lines and promotes collagen production.
– Cleanses pores on a deeper level, preventing the stretching and widening of pores that can happen overtime with unchecked accumulation of oil and debris.
– Helps even tone and lighten dark spots.
– Slows down the aging process.

You can’t underestimate the value of taking a little time out for yourself every so often. Energy follows thought, and what we choose to focus on can — and does — bring about real change.

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Our Summer Skin Care Must-Haves All in One Place.

June 16, 2014


From sunscreen to daily moisturizer, to a gentle (yet effective) body wash, we’ve got summer skincare on the brain. And rightfully so. With the sunny skies overhead, it’s as important as ever to apply a strong SPF, rinse off thoroughly after a long swim in the lake or the pool, and to hydrate consistently. To reinforce those summer-y feelings, we’ve selected the beauty products we can’t live without come summertime — and quite frankly, neither should you.

Click here to see — and shop — your favorites of the bunch.


Want to Know How to Beat the Post-Winter Skin Blues? Here You Go.

February 20, 2014

This post is written by one of milk + honey’s esteemed estheticians, Val P. She works at the 2nd Street District location — come say hi!

facial 12

The worst of the Austin cold-snap hibernation may be over, but you know what still may be hibernating? Your body’s natural oil!

Your sebum has stayed nice and cozy in your pores all winter long. The barrage of heat and low humidity causes a pore-tightening effect that will leave the oilier skin types happy that their pores have decided to disappear, but all skin does seem to develop a new topography. As result of oil being trapped inside those teeny tiny pores, small bumps have popped up on the thinner parts of the skin, usually the forehead. Fine lines tend to linger after smiling or lifting your brows as the surface layer of the skin is not very flexible when not properly hydrated and moisturized — think paper maché.

To fix the problem before your pores unleash their fury come spring, you only need one hand and a hydrating toner. An alcohol and fragrance-free antiseptic toner with hyaluronic acid will provide water hydration to the top layers of your skin, in turn giving your face and pores some flexibility. You may use the toner throughout the day without overwhelming your skin with occlusive products, it’s more than okay to spray over makeup as well. It is not okay to put moisturizer on dry skin that hasn’t been washed, you’re just asking for additional problems. Also, make sure you’re not moisturizing dead skin cells, it’s a waste of moisturizer and creates buildup in your pores, so exfoliate one to three times weekly depending on your exfoliation method and skin type. Ideally, you should wear a heavier moisturizer, or a thin application of a hydration masque to sleep over your toner and serums, so that your skin can repair itself overnight for the day ahead without bacterial interference or dehydrating. You can cut back on the moisturizer once the weather warms, of course. If you’ve been neglecting your skin this winter then you should consider a facial with added exfoliation and hydration to get your skin glowing again. These are just a few suggestions for common post-winter skin challenges.

For a skin routine tailored to your skin, book a consultation to discuss treatment, products, and home care.

My Recommended Service:

Signature Plus Facial $145 with a Today’s Peel $50

Product Recommendations:

Mystic by Cosmedix ($36.50) This toner has a refreshing cucumber-citrus aroma and contains skin calming L-alpha bisabolol, high performance humectant Sodium PCA, precursors to hyaluronic acid L-Limonene & D-Glucuronic acid, mixed with a heavy dosage of anti-viral/ant-bacterial free radical fighting Deuterium Oxide and Witch Hazel. A perfect toner for year-round hydrating for all skin types.

Rescue Balm by Cosmedix ($44)
The delicious cherry infused hydration masque provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and melanin suppression. Willowherb and a potent Copper Complex promote collagen and fibroblast production as well as regeneration and healing. This masque is a must have for sensitive, dry, injured, eczema, and post-procedure skin that can also be used as a moisturizer.

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Skincare for Changing Weather Patters — Emulsion by Cosmedix

August 28, 2012

Katina is one of our fantastic Estheticians at milk + honey spa 2nd Street District. She has been working as an Esthetician and natural Nail Therapist for more than 15 years. She explains how to eliminate those dark circles from under your eyes.

Skincare for Changing Weather Patters

When the weather changes, the skin seems to follow. Many people who are used to their oily skin will now see normal or combination skin, and people who have normal skin will start to see a few dry patches emerge. Remember, you should not use the same skincare products year round. Just as you change clothes to protect yourself from the changing weather, you must change your products to protect your skin. Move towards products containing creamier, richer ingredients to help hydrate and nourish the skin.

To keep rough skin at bay, moisturize everyday! My personal favorite product to use in the winter and one of milk + honey’s top sellers, Emulsion by Cosmedix.

Emulsion by Cosmedix hydrates, soothes and contains antioxidants while stimulating collagen and providing a blend of nature’s perfect moisturizers such as jojoba and shea butter. Its unique, liquid crystal formulation is used to infuse your skin with intense moisture and is also a great product to use after a resurfacing treatment.

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Signature Facial Add-on: Pomegranate Brightening Treatment

May 7, 2012

Are you ready to boost your Signature Facial at milk + honey?

To top off the rejuvenating and deep cleansing benefits of the Signature Facial, take your skin care to the next level with the Pomegranate Brightening Treatment.

Image of Pomegranate SeedsWe upgrade the Signature Facial with 2 different antioxidant peel treatments, the first being the Blueberry Smoothie that gently refreshes and exfoliates without irritation. This antioxidant peel combines a gentle acid with blueberry extracts that smooths away surface impurities and invigorates for a clear youthful glow. It’s also an exceptional blemish treatment.

The second treatment, the Pomegranate Peel, works to even out the top layer of skin, smoothing away superficial sun damage and brightening the skin. Powerful antioxidant ingredients provide a therapeutic leveling treatment that targets free radicals while gently stimulating collagen for a youthful finish. If you receive facials routinely this is a great way to kick it up a notch and if you’re just beginning your skincare journey this is a great way to deep clean, renew and start with a clean, fresh slate.

The Pomegranate Brightening Treatment is an add-on for the Signature Facial only. Our peels are $95 as a stand alone, but the Pomegranate Brightening Treatment is $50 when added to our Signature Facial.

Call 512.236.1115 and schedule your treatment today.


Peel Party: Hill Country Galleria, January 31

January 19, 2012

Join us for a day of knowledge and great skin on January 31st from noon to 6pm as we host a peel party at our Hill Country Galleria spa.

Image of Pomegranate SeedsYou’ll spend 30 minutes with one of our expert estheticians receiving a skin analysis and our Pomegranate Peel (see description below). This peel is great for first timers, and just as effective for peel veterans! It’s also the perfect way to transition your skin to the winter weather. It supports the life span of your healthy cells, prevents free radical damage, and stimulates healthy cell turnover with an antioxidant rich peel.

Reserve your spot now by calling 512.263.1115.

The total fee is $50. That includes the Pomegranate Peel (regularly $95), and a $25 credit toward CosMedix products. Plus, we’ll have a CosMedix expert available to assist you further in finding the best products for your skin. There will also be light refreshments and Champagne. Great skin? Expert advice? It’s a win win.

Pomegranate Facial Peel
This is an antioxidant epidermal leveling peel that works to even out the top layers of the skin to smooth away superficial sun damage and discoloration. Containing some of nature’s most potent antioxidants—including pomegranate seed oil, green algae astaxanthin, and red wine resveratrol—this therapeutic leveling peel targets skin-damaging free radicals while gently stimulating collagen for a healthy, youthful finish. 30 minutes for $95

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Dry Weather + Dehydration + Your Skin

November 30, 2011

Shayna is one our fantastic Estheticians at the Hill Country Galleria milk + honey spa. She has been working in the field of esthetics for more than four years and truly loves skincare!

Dry Weather, Dehydration, Allergy Season, Hyaluronic … and You!

Cooler, drier weather is upon us! While the cooler weather is fantastic, the added dryness will bring out different issues for our skin such as increased dryness and a lot of times severe dehydration. Dehydration is sneaky because it is not so easily spotted like dry or oily skin. One can still be oily and extremely dehydrated, especially if using products that can be drying like acne products. Another huge factor this time of year (or year round possibly) is allergies, and we are heading directly towards cedar fever! All those great allergy medications that allow us to breathe and to function while coping with allergies severely dry out the body.

It can be very easy for the skin to become out of balance and dehydrated with so many possible factors this time of year. Signs that you are dehydrated include skin that feels tight or is easily irritated, flaking, and developing fine lines.

In light of all these possibilities for skin and body dehydration, I highly recommend using a hyaluronic serum topically for the skin. Also, absolutely increase your water intake as much as possible to help the body cope with the drier weather. This is especially true if you have to take some allergy medications. You cannot drink enough water after taking those guys!

Inventive’s Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Serum is fantastic for dehydration! Hyaluronic serum holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and the body makes it naturally, so it is very compatible with our skin and absorbs quickly for immediate relief. Hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate deeply into the skin and it helps to smooth and plump fine lines from the inside while supporting the skin’s collagen production, making it very effective for dehydration and anti-aging as well. It is also non-comedogenic so it will not make your skin breakout. That makes this product great for everyone, including those prone to breakouts! Hyaluronic serum is great for post-peel as well since it speeds healing by supporting the skin with hydration.


Peel Party at downtown milk + honey on November 8

October 5, 2011

Join us for a day of knowledge and great skin on November 8 as we host a peel party at our downtown spa! If you want your skin fall-weather ready this peel party is just for you!

You’ll spend 30 minutes with one of our expert estheticians receiving our Pomegranate Peel. This peel is a great, mild peel for first timers, and just as effective for peel veterans! It draws moisture to the surface of the skin while exfoliating, increasing collagen and elastin while decreasing the effects of sun damage. It is a perfect way to transition your skin for the fall weather! It supports the life span of your healthy cells, prevents free radical damage and stimulates healthy cell turnover with an antioxidant rich peel.

Reserve your spot now, as they’re booking up quickly! The reservation fee is $50. $25 of that fee is completely redeemable in CosMedix product! We’ll have a CosMedix expert available to assist you further in finding the best products for your skin.

Great skin? Expert advice? It’s a win win! Come join us at our downtown milk + honey spa on November 8 for our Peel Party!

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Spots Have Their Place, But Not On Your Face!

October 3, 2011

Katina is one of our fantastic Estheticians at our downtown milk + honey spa. She has been working as an Esthetician and natural Nail Therapist for more than 15 years. She explains how to help prevent those spots on your skin.


If you start to notice spots appearing on your skin, don’t panic. At least not right away. When patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin color, as in the case of age spots or “liver spots,” it is because of a common, usually harmless condition known a hyper-pigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the effect of an increase in the melanin, the substance in the body that is responsible for color. Melanin absorbs the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays in order to protect the skin from overexposure, but in doing so, it can cause:

  • •Freckles
  • •Age Spots
  • •Other darkened skin patches

One common form of hyperpigmentation are age spots, which occur in people over the age of 40, because at that age people have a diminished supply of melanin and cannot fight off the UV rays as well as they used to.

Because hyperpigmentation occurs due to sun damage, it is usually referred to by doctors as solar lentigo, which is benign, but an indication of excessive exposure to the sun.

Another affect of hyperpigmentation appearing because of exposure to the sun, is that it usually occurs on the areas of the skin that are in view of the sun most frequently, such as the hands and face. Unfortunately, these areas of the body that are most often in view of others.

Avoid skin hyperpigmentation by applying a topical skin care product. A milk + honey spa favorite is from our Lightning Serum from our Cosmedix line, available at our milk + honey spas. Not only does this powerful brightening and lightening agent effectively reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, but chirally correct lightening also prevents future melanin formations, which help maintain a youthful appearance. The Cosmedix Lightning Serum is infused with licorice, mulberry and green tea extract. The licorice and mulberry combine to lighten and brighten your complexion, and green tea extract prevents inflammation.

Always remember, spots have their place, but not on your face!

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Opti Crystal – Eliminate Those Dark Circles

September 6, 2011

Katina is one of our fantastic Estheticians at our downtown milk + honey spa. She has been working as an Esthetician and natural Nail Therapist for more than 15 years. She explains how to eliminate those dark circles from under your eyes.

Purchase Opti Crystal online at

Come into the light!

The dark circles under your eyes are a cause for worry. In an attempt to attain a flawless complexion, these dark circles are difficult to accept. Some basic facts will help you understand where these pesky rings come from.

The presence of dark circles is reflective of our inner health. It could be due to deficiencies of vitamins such as B6, B12 or vitamin K. It may also be a deficiency of minerals in the body.

The most common causes of dark circles are:

  • Stress and continued hours of work with insufficient breaks
  • Lack of proper sleep, reducing blood circulation
  • Drug abuse, smoking and alcohol
  • Genes (thanks Mom!)
  • Aging

If you wish to have a bright, spotless face, these dark circles need some attention. Here’s a tip that will help the discoloration fade away with time. Invest in a good professional product. Our favorite is the Opti Crystal by CosMedix. This chirally correct eye serum is a potent combination of protective properties with collagen and elastin-stimulating reparative ingredients. It is the ultimate eye serum (food for the eyes) and a favorite among Spa Partisans. The liquid crystals replenish damaged, thinning skin around the eyes while alpha lipoic acid and growth factors work to reduce the look of fine lines. This lightening, tightening and brightening product is very easy to use and also great for puffy eyes.

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