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Baby Foot Is a Miracle Worker For Your Feet

December 2, 2015

From chapped lips and dry patches on your face to cracked, calloused heels, our bodies are very susceptible to winter’s colder temps. Thankfully, we’ve found a product that banishes flaky skin on your feet; enter Baby Foot. Using 17 types of natural exfoliants, Baby Foot not only peels away the dead skin cells, but simultaneously moisturizes the soles of your feet. In a nutshell, the name says it all — you’ll come away with baby soft feet. Our milk + honey Reservations Manager, Angela, swears by it and says that while it’s “a little terrifying the way it peels off, your feet will be as soft as ever.”

Baby Foot has earned rave reviews on Buzzfeed, Allure, POPSUGAR, and Refinery29, and chances are, you’ll feel the same way. That said, we must warn you — as you’ll see from the video — the path to “baby foot” is paved with some scaly, snakeskin-shedding-esque moments. Trust us, though, it’s worth it.

Pro tip: Winter is the best time to use Baby Foot because no one will be able to see your skin peel in those black booties.

You can find it all four Austin locations!

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