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Signature Facial Add-on: Pomegranate Brightening Treatment

May 7, 2012

Are you ready to boost your Signature Facial at milk + honey?

To top off the rejuvenating and deep cleansing benefits of the Signature Facial, take your skin care to the next level with the Pomegranate Brightening Treatment.

Image of Pomegranate SeedsWe upgrade the Signature Facial with 2 different antioxidant peel treatments, the first being the Blueberry Smoothie that gently refreshes and exfoliates without irritation. This antioxidant peel combines a gentle acid with blueberry extracts that smooths away surface impurities and invigorates for a clear youthful glow. It’s also an exceptional blemish treatment.

The second treatment, the Pomegranate Peel, works to even out the top layer of skin, smoothing away superficial sun damage and brightening the skin. Powerful antioxidant ingredients provide a therapeutic leveling treatment that targets free radicals while gently stimulating collagen for a youthful finish. If you receive facials routinely this is a great way to kick it up a notch and if you’re just beginning your skincare journey this is a great way to deep clean, renew and start with a clean, fresh slate.

The Pomegranate Brightening Treatment is an add-on for the Signature Facial only. Our peels are $95 as a stand alone, but the Pomegranate Brightening Treatment is $50 when added to our Signature Facial.

Call 512.236.1115 and schedule your treatment today.

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