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5 Steps to the Best Wax

January 7, 2020

From your brows to your bikini line, waxing is a great shortcut. The hair removal method can make your growth cycles more consistent, prevent ingrown hairs, and help to achieve your smoothest possible skin. Whether you’re new to waxing or not, you can never have too many tips to make it more relaxing. We asked milk + honey esthetician, Nicole Burke for her go-to advice for the easiest wax.

1. Breathe!

The pain associated with waxing often comes from your own anxieties about the service. Waxing can feel like a vulnerable experience, but being as relaxed as possible is going to ensure you have the least painful wax possible. Your waxer is a licensed professional, so they will provide you with a judgment-free, body-positive experience. You’re taking a step towards healthy and smooth skin.

2. Disclose medications

Be open and honest with your esthetician about any medications you may be on, any advanced skincare treatments you have have recently received, or any topical creams you may be applying to the area. Be sure to avoid any tanning 24- 48 hours before and after your waxing appointment.

3. Skip at-home hair removal

Avoid any shaving, tweezing, or hair removal creams for at least 2 weeks before your waxing appointment. Your hair needs to be about a 1/4 of an inch long, which is comparable to a grain of rice.

4. Exfoliate and hydrate

Proper home care is going to extend the life of your wax, and ensure the health of your skin is in great condition. Your esthetician may recommend specific products based on your needs including exfoliating products or ingrown hair treatment serums. Keeping your skin clean, exfoliated, and hydrated is key for a successful hair growth cycle.

5. Reserve your next wax

Go home and throw your razors and hair removal creams away — you’re going to be hooked! You can expect your wax to last for about 4 weeks, so just think about all the time and effort you’re going to be saving.


Any other waxing or skincare questions? Let us know below.

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