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How to Help Your Blowout Last 5 Days

September 16, 2019

If you ask me, blowouts are among life’s greatest luxuries. Sure, a full-on spa day is also a treat, but it requires both a larger time and financial commitment. On the flip side, there’s always 45 minutes open somewhere on your calendar, which is exactly how long it takes to receive a blowout at SALON by milk + honey. From the head massage to the light-airy hairstyle, I always leave the salon fully relaxed and feeling 10/10 confident. I’ve done quite a bit of R+D to develop tricks that extend the post-blowout feeling and I’m here to share what works for my hair.

Day One

Photo: Popsugar

Goal vibe: Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman’s mostly-straight*, beveled-in blowout is currently my request whenever I visit the salon. If money could buy her ethereal energy, I’d request that, too.

Tips for Day One:

  • Be sure to request a great hairspray. (Some clients prefer less product, so let your stylist know you’re aiming to make the blowout last.)
  • Avoid rain or too much humidity, if possible.
  • Invest in a satin or silk scrunchie like these so you can “sleep pretty,” as our stylists say. Translation: pull your hair into a loose bun or pony while you’re sleeping to avoid bedhead and save your style. You’ll want to do this every night during your blowout journey.
  • Plan something fun for the evening so you can show off your style.

* It’s important to note that my hair is fine (although, I have a *ton* of it) with a natural wave. I choose a straighter blowout knowing that my hair will naturally curl in the coming days. If that doesn’t sound like your hair, I’d recommend choosing something that achieves the opposite of your natural hair for the blowout. For example, if your hair is super straight and you’re looking for volume, go for a style like my Day Two on your Day One.

Day Two

Photo: Instagram

Goal vibe: Kameron Wescott from Real Housewives of Dallas

Since we’re talking blowouts, it’s only appropriate to bring up #RHOD. I mean, come on—”the bigger the hair,” right? This is the phase where I lean into the natural volume my hair is bringing to the table.

Tips for Day Two:

  • I like to brush the back ⅔ of my hair backward (so my part doesn’t show on the back of my head.) I pull the top layer of my hair up and use Virtue Lifting Powder. Then, I place my hair back down on top of the lifting powder and sift my fingers through the top layer of hair. Virtue Lifting Powder is a volumizing powder that combines keratin with invigorating texture enhancer — in short, it’s the key to achieving a slightly teased look without actually teasing your hair.
  • Make sure to spray a tiny bit of dry shampoo under your bangs and hairline framing your face. Aim for the root and gently rub it in with your fingers. My favorite dry shampoo is this one because it combines keratin with the drying powder formulation. I also love FRESH.HAIR by Kevin Murphy (sold at SALON by milk + honey locations.)

Day Three

Photo: Vulture

Goal vibe: Blair Waldorf | The CW via Vulture

The theme of Day Three is “as polished as possible.” By now, you’re straddling the line of keeping the style alive and keeping your hair looking (and feeling) clean.

Tips for Day Three:

  • Since my hair is naturally wavy, I like to straighten my ends a bit on this day to keep a polished look. Maybe consider adding a few curls to the ends — nothing fancy, just a few quick curls to pull your look back together.
  • I pull all of my hair back in a headband and add a bit of dry shampoo to the roots framing my face and the crown of my head. You don’t want to add too much product since we still have two days left in this journey.
  • Personally, I like to brush the crown of my hair back again to hide my part.


Day Four

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Goal vibe: Brigitte Bardot (with a bow)

By Day Four, I am living the dry shampoo life in the biggest way. The volume on the crown of my head is not looking so cute anymore, but the rest of my style is still hanging on.

Tips for Day Four:

  • Pull the top layer of hair on your crown back into a bun or Ariana pony.
  • Fasten your style with a bow or scrunchie of your choice. You can shop some fun options here.


Day Five

Photo: Popsugar

Goal vibe: Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

Let’s face it — by Day Five, it’s time to wear a hat. Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be a Samantha Jones-level sunhat, but the crown of your head should be covered. I usually favor a straw hat in the summer and a newsboy cap in the winter, but it’s really up to you. Depending on how your blowout has aged, you can try a few different styles for the finale.

Tips for Day Five:

  • If wearing your hair down in the hat isn’t cutting it, try a low side pony (à la the farmer emoji 👩🏼‍🌾.)
  • Another style option? Try pigtails.
  • After Day Five, give your hair some TLC. It’s been quite the ride, and your hair has been holding a lot of product. My favorite combination? Start with Virtue Recovery Shampoo and follow up with a hair masque like this one.


Let us know how these tips work for you in the comments. Do you have other tips? Feel free to share below.

Reserve a blowout at milk + honey.

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