easiLengths Tape-in Hair Extensions now available at milk + honey

June 27, 2013

Our stylists are now expertly trained with easiLengths Tape-in Hair Extensions. It’s a revolutionary new way of doing hair extensions with 100% remy human hair constructed using wafer thin polyurethane wefted panels, which are applied using a medical grade adhesive that is safe and secure. Your hair is folded inside a panel and tape secures it in place. This system is fast and does not damage your natural hair. With easiLengths you can add volume and length, plus you don’t have to wait to grow out of an old look or fix a bad cut. Schedule your consultation today, get your new look tomorrow.

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Top 5 Reasons Women Get Hair Extensions:

1) Add instant length, volume or thickness to their hair. You always wanted long hair or thicker hair and for whatever reason have never been able to grow your own hair out.

2) Cover up a really bad haircut. So, you got a really short shag hair style and you absolutely hate it? Solution: Hair Extensions.

3) Add bold or subtle highlights to your hair without chemical processing.

4) Get a new look for a special occasion (wedding, prom, formal event).

5) Just for fun! Some people like to experiment with their hair styles. Hair extensions offer an instant new look.

How long does it take to apply?

Application time varies from 45 to 90 minutes.

What type of hair?

100% remy human hair. Remy human hair is the highest quality available, staying shiny and “tangle free” longer than any other.

How long does it last?

This system will last 6 up to 8 weeks and can be reapplied at least 1 time (hair re-usage depends on how well you take care of the hair).


Consultation required. Pricing ranges from $400 to $1100, depending on the type of transformation.

Available transformations:
Volume – add up to 40% more volume
Length – with hair panels in up to 20 inch length, the opportunity for very long hair is great
Trend – add length in specific areas, create asymmetrical looks
Corrective – fix a bad haircut without cutting more hair

Call 512.236.1115 to schedule your easiLengths Hair Extention appointment today.

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