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#ArtOfTheBath: new year refresh

January 7, 2019

While the new year offers optimism and opportunity, it can also present a lot of pressure. If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, you’re being bombarded with crisp, new activewear, renewed Soulcycle memberships, and lofty expectations for the year ahead. And though I’m all about resolutions, I think everyone could add “being gentle toward myself” to their 2019 list. It’s great to stick to your guns and book that class knowing you’ll have to pay $20 to cancel, but your off-days are just as important for your headspace. That said, I’ve created a refreshing #ArtOfTheBath for your off-days this year. Or even your on-days. If you ask me, weekly bathtime is A-OK as far as resolutions go.


Try a dose of my favorite smell on the planet, Palo Santo. It’s not just loved for its sweet-yet-woodsy aroma, it’s actually been used for centuries by healers and shamans (dating back to the Incan era.) The rising smoke from this literal “holy wood” is believed to protect, heal, and cleanse a space of negative energy and misfortune. How’s that for starting the new year off right?



Treat yourself to the escape that is Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing Li, the Chairman of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine. This deep dive into nature’s role in our wellbeing explores the many ways the great outdoors can positively impact all five of our senses. Perfect read for your first five-sensory bath of the year, if I say so myself.



Between the stress of the holiday season and all of those Classpass credits you’re likely burning through, I recommend the milk + honey Muscle Soak. Made with organic eucalyptus, epsom salt, and arnica flower oil, this blend is the perfect potion for rejuvenating sore muscles. Top off your skin with some Arnica Balm before bed to really melt into your mattress.



Hydration is one of the most highly discussed intentions every new year, and with good reason. We always recommend a large water bottle to hydrate in the bath. Since it’s the new year and all, feel free to throw in an organic prosecco. It’s festive, after all.



Let Spotify DJ this #ArtOfTheBath. First, shuffle your Wrapped list from last year to walk down memory lane as you revisit your 2018 faves. Next, throw on your Discover Weekly for a peek at what Spotify forecasts for your start of 2019.

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