Active Vita-Mineral Complex now available at milk + honey

March 17, 2013

Active Vita-Mineral Complex now available at milk + honey for $55.

Ideal for normal, dry, and/or mature skin, Active Vita-Mineral Complex is a deeply penetrating, easily absorbed formula that soothes and aides distressed skin. It is particularly recommended as a recovery treatment for the skin of the facial, neck, and eye areas. This soluble formula contains a synergistic complex of regenerating nutrients, infusing your skin with antioxidant protection, and invigorating vitamins. Utilizing innovative concepts, this powerful formula restarts the natural recovery mechanisms of young skin, providing long lasting, moisture-rich and firming action. Active Vita-Mineral Complex is the perfect treatment to deliver immediate boost to the skin’s natural potential. Use in combination with our Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Serum to support maximum skin repair.

Vitamin E
An important antioxidant – reduces scar tissue, speeds up wound healing, and alleviates dryness and damaged skin

Derived from nuts and grains – increases blood circulation and improves cellular energy

Vitamin B-5
Restorative and healing to the skin, known to metabolize nutrients while manufacturing antibodies

Apply a small amount day and night over clean skin. Massage well until completely absorbed. Additional product may be used to achieve desired moisture retention on the eyes and neck areas.

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