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summer-ready skin in 3 quick steps

June 1, 2018


Whether it’s protecting against the harsher heat or showing off that new swimsuit, there are many reasons to bid adieu to dry skin and uncover your greatest glow this summer. We encourage creating a plan for healthy, hydrated skin with these three preliminary skincare tips.

1. Exfoliate

Did you know that exfoliating dry, dead skin allows your skincare products (moisturizer, sunscreen, and self-tanner) to more effectively penetrate the skin? Our Spa Partisan body treatment includes a full-body dry brushing, which improves circulation and reveals a summer-ready glow.



2. Hydrate

Between rising temps and increased sun exposure, your skin will be thirsty. Drink (at least) two liters of water daily — that’s about eight 8 oz. glasses — and moisturize in the AM and PM. For extended hydration, reserve a HydraFacial, which infuses a powerful blend of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.



3. Protect

Keep your skin nourished and safe from the summer elements. Always apply sunscreen throughout the day and spritz our DEET-free, nontoxic Mosquito Spray as needed to ward off those pesky mosquitoes. Shop Mosquito Spray by milk + honey


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