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March 17, 2017


Post-workout soreness is uncomfortable and can make it tough to move “normally” throughout the day. Muscle soreness occurs due to a build-up of lactic acid and this accumulation of lactic acid occurs when your muscles swell and are utilized in an intense workout. While our Sports Massage is a great way to alleviate this soreness, our newest retailer, RAD, offers innovative and functional massage and muscle release tools.

What is RAD?

Mike Mallory, a biomechanic, and Dan McIntosh, a professional triathlete, developed RAD after noticing a need in the market for effective massage tools. The two spent years searching for a product that would help them heal muscle pain without incurring painful pressure on their bodies. Their first product is their patent-pending RAD Roller. With the Roller’s success, the two have been creating more products to help people heal, increase flexibility, improve range of motion, relieve pain, promote proper lymph drainage and blood flow, and help improve posture.These products are ideal for experienced athletes, weekend warriors, or those who are looking for additional muscle and joint relief.

milk + honey offers the following RAD products:


Smoothe tension in your neck, feet, and hands with the RAD Rounds. These silicone balls are designed for sensitive areas and come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. $18


Relieve and massage sore, achy muscles with RAD’s bestselling Roller. Available in three different styles, its compact size allows you to target specific problem areas. Plus, it’s light and portable, making it an excellent addition to your gym bag. $28 or $34 for an XL


Alleviate tension in your body with the Rod. Its slender design minimizes contact on the surface area, meaning you can roll through any part of the body, even your shins, without causing pain.  $44


Roll away the pain with the Helix. The Helix is Dan and Mike’s take on a traditional foam roller. Its arched design helps unlock stiffness in the body and loosen muscle tightness. $55RAD_Point_Release_Kit_side

Experience maximum muscle and joint pain relief with the RAD Point Release Kit. The black box not only makes it a handy storage unit but also helps to stabilize and elevate the rollers. $65


RAD products are available at milk + honey’s 2nd Street District, Hill Country Galleria, and River Oaks spas.


Photo Credits: Images are courtesy of RAD

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