Protect Your Hair with SHHHOWERCAP

February 13, 2017

SHHHOWERCAP will change your perception of this shower accessory. The stylish waterproof turbans are designed with stylish prints and colors and are made to repel water on a molecular level — meaning they’re hydrophobic.

The SHHHOWERCAP Difference

Most shower caps are plastic, bulky, and don’t secure to your hairline. Becuase of this, there’s a high chance that mainstream shower caps are not doing what they’re supposed to do… keep your hair dry and protected! Traditional plastic caps trap heat and condensation from the shower, which generates humidity. Excess humidity in your cap can destroy your voluminous locks, create frizz, and ruin your blowout. Not to mention, these finicky caps can breed mold, mildew, and bacteria leading to a smelly shower cap. SHHHOWERCAP utilizes a thin waterproof material that is able to withstand intense water pressure. This breathable material eliminates humidity by allowing heat to escape without letting water in. Each of these stylish turbans contains a patented silicone grip. Similar to those in strapless bras, this grip allows for the cap to securely attach to the hairline without creating an annoying forehead indent. At the back of each cap is a secure pocket that holds all of your hair without flattening volume.

SHHHOWERCAP does more than just protect your blowout in the shower. Due to its no-slip grip, these caps are ideal for nightly or weekly oil, serum, or leave in conditioning treatments, too. These caps are machine washable, made in the USA, and have been tested on thousands of women to fit all hair types.

SHHHOWERCAP is available at all milk + honey locations.

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