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The Do’s and Don’ts of Post-Peel Facial Care

April 1, 2016

With our bi-annual Peel Party right around the corner, we thought we’d break down one of the most important parts of any peel: post-peel facial care. To help you get the most out of your peel, we asked one of our expert Hill Country Galleria estheticians, Viky, about the do’s and don’ts of post-peel care.

Viky’s Do’s and Don’ts

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of post-peel care, it’s important to remember that after a peel your skin is very sensitive. Same-Day and Advanced peels work by dehydrating  your skins damaged or dead outer layers to reveal new healthy skin. Those who receive a Same-Day peel should have little to no downtime and will be able to see the effects of the peel that same day. Clients who receive an Advanced peel will see mild flaking around three to five days after their treatment, and will see visibly clearer, smoother skin in about week.

What to do after a peel?

DO protect your skin. Our peels use retinol and fruit enzymes to remove dead and damaged skin cells, leaving you with new skin. To keep bacteria away from your healthy, glowing skin, I strongly recommend that clients avoid touching their face; wipe down product bottles, their cellphone, glasses and sunglass frames; cleanse their makeup brushes; and change their sheets.

DO be gentle to your skin.  To get the best results from a peel, I always tell my clients to refrain from products, treatments, and activities that can overstimulate or irritate your skin. For the next 24 hours, take some time to relax and let your skin breathe. I promise you’ll get better results when you let your skin heal.

DO avoid direct sunlight for at least 72 hours. This is the golden rule of post-peel care. By exposing your senstive skin to direct sunlight, you are actually damaging your new skin cells. If you are going outside during the first three days after your peel — for three minutes or longer — it’s imperative that you use sunscreen. After the first couple of days, I encourage clients to continue using sunscreen for at least five days after their peel.

DO make sure to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Clients who experience our Same-Day peels should have little to no skin irritation or dryness. However, those who receive an Advanced peel should expect some mild flaking. For these clients, it’s important moisturize and hydrate the irritated area. Moisturizers, such as the milk + honey Calendula Cream, not only nourish and soothe your skin, but also act as an extra barrier of protection against bacteria.




Reflect-CapOn-4-floz-72dpiRescue+ Affirm30ml

To help my clients get the best results from their peel, I recommend they use CosMedix Reflect to help protect skin from the sun; CosMedix Rescue+ to keep skin hydrated and protected while it peels; and CosMedix Affirm to give skin a healthy dose of antioxidants and to protect skin from harmful free radicals.


What not to do after a peel?

DON’T exercise for at least 24 hours. I ask that our clients refrain from exercising right after a peel for two reasons. First, when you sweat, you are secreting lactic acid which can sometimes cause your skin to become irritated. The second reason is that when you sweat you’re opening up your pores to bacteria which could potentially damage your fresh and healthy new skin cells.

DON’T exfoliate after a peel. While exfoliating with your favorite product or your Clarisonic can be a great way to keep your skin healthy, after a peel, exfoliating does more harm than good. Your skin is already highly sensitive after a peel and excessive exfoliating, exfoliating too soon, or picking at your skin can cause your skin to become inflamed and lead to possible scarring. After a peel, I encourage clients to wait at least five days before they begin exfoliating again.

DON’T put on makeup right away. After a Same-Day peel, you can put on makeup that evening; however, I recommend that you wait at least 24 hours after your treatment. For clients who’ve received an Advanced peel, I recommend waiting a minimum of 48 hours before applying any makeup.

DON’T book any hair removal treatments for at least one week. Waxing and tweezing will overstimulate and irritate your skin if done too soon after a peel. To avoid any irritation to your skin, I suggest that you book your facial waxing appointments either three to five days before your peel or a week after.

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    I think I left an enzyme on too long. I did it a week ago and my skin feels raw and a slight burning. When will it go away?

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