Help Salon Workers, Recall the Brazilian Blowout

February 7, 2012

milk + honey does not approve of the Brazilian Blowout and we do not (nor have we ever) sold the product. You can help salon workers by taking action and asking the FDA to recall the Brazilian Blowout. Here is additional information from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Big news this week on Brazilian Blowout — you know, those formaldehyde-releasing hair straighteners that have been marketed as “formaldehyde-free.” The manufacturers must stop deceiving salons about the danger of their products, thanks to a settlement with the California Attorney. The lawsuit was filed under the authority of the law we helped pass in 2005, the California Safe Cosmetics Act – so this is a true victory for safe cosmetics advocacy!

Now, Brazilian Blowout products will carry warning stickers, and salons will finally get accurate information about the health risks of using them. But, these dangerous products are still on the shelves, and salon workers and their customers are still being exposed every day to a known human carcinogen.

We need your help today to protect salon workers and women who get their hair straightened from these harmful toxic exposures!

Please join us in asking the FDA to follow through on its August 2011 warning to Brazilian Blowout, which stated that the products are “adulterated” and “misbranded” and therefore subject to seizure. Current law doesn’t give the FDA much power, but it does give them the authority to seize cosmetic products that are unsafe or injurious to users.

Brazilian Blowout products have been banned in many countries, and now it’s time for FDA to get these dangerous products off American shelves, too. Just personalize our letter and we’ll deliver it to Michael W. Roosevelt, Acting Director for the FDA’s Office of Compliance.

The FDA also needs to hear from stylists who’ve experienced health problems as a result of working with Brazilian Blowout – please share this link with your stylist so he or she can tell his or her story to the FDA!

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