Austin Fashion Week – Jewelry Designer Melissa Borrell

August 17, 2011

Austin Fashion Week is coming AUGUST 20-27!

Austin Fashion Week is quickly approaching and milk + honey is proud to be involved. Each of our locations has paired with a local jewelry designer with events taking place during the big week. We interviewed the designers to find out why they chose jewelry design, what piece of jewelry every woman needs and what they are most looking forward to during fashion week.
See what they had to say!

Melissa Borrell is one of the jewelry designers paired with milk + honey. Come see Melissa at our event next Thursday the 25th from 6-9pm at our milk + honey Spa downtown location.

Melissa Borrell

Why did you want to start your own jewelry business?
I’ve always loved creating things, especially jewelry. Initially I was making jewelry just to fulfill my passion, but once I started wearing it, people really reacted to it and wanted to buy my designs, so the business pretty much came to life on its own.

What piece of jewelry does every woman need?
I think every woman should have one piece that makes them feel like they are truly expressing their own personality and individuality.

What is your favorite thing about designing jewelry?
I love the challenge of designing something that is beautiful and easy to wear, while at the same time being engaging and interactive. I like to challenge people’s notions of what jewelry can be and often create pieces that have double lives; it doesn’t look like jewelry until you put it on.

What are you most looking forward to with fashion week?
I look forward to meeting other people who love fashion and design, as well as finding inspiration in their creativity.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
Jewelry is just one of the outlets for my creativity. I also create sculpture pieces, window shades, vases, and other artwork.

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