Austin Fashion Week – Jewelry Designer Briolette Jewelry

August 17, 2011

Austin Fashion Week is coming AUGUST 20-27!

Austin Fashion Week is quickly approaching and milk + honey is proud to be involved. Each of our locations has paired with a local jewelry designer with events taking place during the big week. We interviewed the designers to find out why they chose jewelry design, what piece of jewelry every woman needs and what they are most looking forward to during fashion week.
See what they had to say!

Briolette Jewlery, by Nicole Martinez and Jayne Malasko, is one of the jewelry designers paired with milk + honey. Come see Briolette Jewelry at our event next Tuesday the 23rd from 6-9pm at our milk + honey Spa in the Hill Country Galleria.

Briolette Jewelry

Why did you want to start your own jewelry business?
Briolette designers, Nicole Martinez and Jayne Malasko, formalized their lifelong passion for art, beauty and nature by coming together to design jewelry. After much enthusiasm from friends and family, they founded Briolette in 2009.

What piece of jewelry does every woman need?
Every woman needs a fantastic statement necklace that can be worn to highlight casual daywear and compliment evening attire. Briolette jewelry offers a fashionable touch of class, or sass for any occasion. Designers Jayne Malasko and Nicole Martinez create one-of-a- kind jewelry from only the best precious and semi-precious natural stones & 14K GF or sterling silver.

What is your favorite thing about designing jewelry?
Nicole Martinez and Jayne Malasko enjoy searching for unique materials from different parts of the world, which infuse their work with artistic inspiration.

What are you most looking forward to with fashion week?
During Austin Fashion Week, Briolette designers, Nicole Martinez and Jayne Malasko, look forward to meeting new people within the Austin community as well as sharing design.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
Briolette’s designs are inspired by nature’s complexity and richness of texture and color. Each piece is handcrafted and transformed into a wearable work of art featuring only high quality, natural semi-precious and precious stones that are finished out in 14K gold-filled, sterling silver or vermeil.

Their nature inspired vision expands beyond their jewelry line to their exclusive packaging, which they have cleverly named Briolette’s Vuvessel TM (view-ves-sel). The Vuvessels house Briolette earrings in crystal vials that serve as distinctive displays, whimsical gift boxes or convenient travel cases that not only protect the jewelry from tarnishing but can be recycled after final use.

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