Losing Inches – The Secret Lies in Your Posture

March 19, 2011

Here’s a great tip from one of our top massage therapists:

If you are like many Americans who sit in a car to drive to a job where you sit in front of a computer all day and come home to hold a 40lb. child who still wants up, then your posture probably stinks. You lament the loss of your youthful figure, blaming the free office snacks for feeling dumpy. However, along with the obvious route of improving diet and exercise, the fastest way to look thinner is to stand up straight (as in straighten your back, press your shoulders back and lift your head). Slouching always makes people look heavier and thicker. This sounds like an easy fix but when many people attempt this simple biped exercise, it seems impossible to unravel the body’s slumped contortion. Fortunately, a nice 90 minute deep tissue massage can be just the thing to get you back in line, looking longer and leaner, and feeling great. By loosening the grip of tight muscles from your skeletal framework, you will find the length and ease you enjoyed as a child.

Let us help your body find the way back into that balanced posture and you’ll see results quickly.

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

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