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What’s the best way to cleanse my skin daily?

March 24, 2011

Laura M, one of our amazing estheticians, provided the following skin cleaning tips:

“During one of my facials, I can provide in-depth instruction on how to properly cleanse at home. However, here are a couple of tips that will get you started:

You want to spend at least 60 seconds, twice a day, cleansing your skin. Think of it like a rapid micro massage: we flood the tissue with blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients, all of which begin healing and strengthening from the inside out.

Spread your fingers: this encourages blood to flow between the finger tips, ‘hug your bones’, and move your fingers in circular motions. To give your bones a little hug, you want to place enough pressure on the tissue to find your bone structure. For example, on your cheeks, you are looking to feel your cheekbones, and along your jaw line and chin, you are looking for your jaw and the outline of your teeth. Be sure to hold the tissue taut, especially around the orbital of the eye. A lot of people are afraid to touch their eyes, but they are the part of the face that needs the most stimulation- so hold the tissue tight out and up away from the eye and invigorate the tissue by moving your fingers in small circular motions taking care to place pressure on the orbital bones. Always make sure to work the crevices of the nose and the lips- an especially forgotten area of the face! When you are finished with your invigorating wash, splash with water, grab a dry wash cloth and firmly drag it across your skin. This motion is not rough and irritating, nor is it patting dry. Firm and with purpose, this dragging motion, done to taught skin, ensures that you are removing all the residue of the combined cleanser and everything the cleanser has bound to (oil, dirt etc). Be sure to drag upwards along the cheek to grab everything below the hair follicle (that goes for you ladies too! all that peach fuzz can catch a lot of residue).

Change your wash cloth every few days and use it only on your face. You will quickly find that this simple addition to your routine will keep your skin feeling lighter, you will have less congestion and your cleansing products will be more effective because they will be penetrating deeper into the epidermal tissue.”

Bio: Laura M. is one of milk + honey’s most requested estheticians. She always takes the time to educate her clients on how to better care for their skin so they can continue creating great skin at home. After all, why feed a girl one fish when you can teach her to go fishing. Be sure to schedule your next appointment with Laura where you can experience for yourself her amazing talent and expertise.



Losing Inches – The Secret Lies in Your Posture

March 19, 2011

Here’s a great tip from one of our top massage therapists:

If you are like many Americans who sit in a car to drive to a job where you sit in front of a computer all day and come home to hold a 40lb. child who still wants up, then your posture probably stinks. You lament the loss of your youthful figure, blaming the free office snacks for feeling dumpy. However, along with the obvious route of improving diet and exercise, the fastest way to look thinner is to stand up straight (as in straighten your back, press your shoulders back and lift your head). Slouching always makes people look heavier and thicker. This sounds like an easy fix but when many people attempt this simple biped exercise, it seems impossible to unravel the body’s slumped contortion. Fortunately, a nice 90 minute deep tissue massage can be just the thing to get you back in line, looking longer and leaner, and feeling great. By loosening the grip of tight muscles from your skeletal framework, you will find the length and ease you enjoyed as a child.

Let us help your body find the way back into that balanced posture and you’ll see results quickly.

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography


The Healing Benefits of Steam

March 16, 2011

steam canopy at milk + honey spaIf you have ever had a massage in one of our larger rooms you may have wondered about the intricate rigging hanging from the ceiling. Perhaps you have even seen the white canopy dangling down and have been too afraid to inquire. Well, rest assured we will not string you up by the pulleys. That big white tent is a steam canopy that when lowered over the massage table and attached to a steam pot, gives you a personal steam room. Other than the fact that this treatment is extremely relaxing, it is also a great ally to good health.

Often referred to as an “artificial fever”, the steam helps your body raise it’s internal temperatures which elicits a response from your immune system within minutes. This means your circulation increases, lymph drainage increases, you produce more white blood cells which fight off viruses and bacteria, and it improves your metabolism.

Detoxing is the body’s way of spring cleaning and the steam tent will help you clean out toxic materials you may have acquired from a certain music festival (not naming any names). Sweating purifies the body and rejuvenates the skin so you will end looking as great as you feel. Although hard evidence is slim on all the ways steam is beneficial, many weight loss and cellulite reducing treatments include steam. The water you lose while sweating is replaced when you rehydrate, but you burn calories to produce sweat so you can actually lose weight while you relax. Brilliant!

Come in for a SXSW Detox Retreat or try one of our amazing body treatments. This season you can indulge in our Orange Blossom Scrub, Steam and Massage. Check our website for more options or call either of our spa locations and a helpful concierge will answer any of your questions.


Pure Fiji – Perfect Products for Your Stay-Cation

March 1, 2011

If you can’t float away to a pacific island, you can bring the vacation to you with the coconut body scrub, body butter, lotions, bath soaks and body oils from Pure Fiji. With these decadent body products your skin will be rejuvenated and you will feel like you just spent a day lounging beachside in a cabana (minus cute cabana boys or drinks with umbrellas). Pure Fiji will exfoliate and deeply moisturize dry winter skin for the burgeoning season of bikinis and mini skirts.

Made with wild-harvested nut oils from a company who goes to great lengths to preserve and sustain it’s local environment, you will feel good using Pure Fiji both inside and out. In addition creating a high quality product, this company supports it’s community by employing local craftspeople and helping women develop their small businesses. Pure Fiji is all about minimizing it’s carbon footprint by using PET packaging which uses about a quarter less energy to produce and reduces the solid waste almost half as much as that from glass bottles. milk + honey is honored to offer these beautifully sustainable, well-crafted products from a company that takes care of it’s people as well as the earth we live in.

Pure Fiji products are available in both spa locations.


Jewelry by Jamie Kelsch

February 17, 2011

image of Jamie Kelsch jewelryAll that glitters is not gold. It can also be sterling silver, gold fill, or semi-precious stones. Now at milk + honey’s Galleria location Jamie Kelsch displays wonderful, shiny, pretty things that are must-haves for any jewelry lover. Jamie designs stunning pieces of wearable fine art ranging from glamorous conversation starters to clean lines of the pieces you never take off. Always challenging herself to expand her range and repertoire, Jamie’s vibrant collection is inspired by nature and the world around her. Authentic, semi-precious stones find their way into many of her pieces.

Jamie grew up in Ohio, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts form the Colorado State University where she studied metal smithing. Now from her Austin-based home studio she crafts all of her pieces by hand using lost wax casting, cold forging, and other techniques. Everything is made with either gold fill or sterling silver. Additionally, every piece can be made with any karat gold upon special order.

If you can’t make it out to the Galleria, Jamie’s jewelry is carried downtown at one of our favorite Austin jewelry stores, Eliza Paige. Did we mention that Jamie is multitalented? She’s also one of our most requested massage therapists at our downtown location. You can view more of her jewelry here.


What Are Parabens?

February 9, 2011

danger signShopping for cosmetics can be daunting. Dozens of pretty bottles, tubes, vials and compacts all vie for your attention. Sometimes its easy to make the eco-conscious choice: Not tested on animals, good. All natural, good. Organic, even better. Paraben-free, um, okay?

Should I care about Parabens and Paraben-free products?

Parabens are a preservatives which are synthetically produced and used in everything from processed foods to personal care products such as skin cleansers, shampoo, and toothpaste. They are highly effective in their purpose of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus but some studies suggest that parabens are responsible for some types of cancer — specifically breast cancer. Parabens mimic estrogen and having too much estrogen is thought to contribute breast cancer. In some cases large amounts of parabens have been found in cancerous tumors.

Studies citing parabens as dangerous are inconclusive and controversial. The FDA claims that parabens are safe, particularly in the very small amounts in which they are used in cosmetics. The fact is, however, that we use countless chemicals on a regular basis without ever knowing the long-term cumulative effect. Using several products with parabens, on a daily basis, all over the body, inside and out, over a long period of time, simply adds up. The best way to avoid a health risk is to eliminate parabens wherever possible and a great place to start is with cosmetics.

The best bet is to look for products that are certified organic. From salon products like John Master’s Organics to our newest skincare line, Eco Inventive Organics, all products at milk + honey are free from parabens. We are happy to take the stress out of finding products superior in quality and made from ingredients that won’t make you sick.

Image credit Chego101

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Will Getting a Facial Make Me Break Out?

February 7, 2011

When cleaning out a storage closet or a junk drawer it usually gets worse before it gets better. You pull everything out, wipe it down and put back in order. This process is similar to getting a facial. If you have not been getting them regularly, you may bring to the surface all the too-small ice skates, puffy painted t-shirts of the Eiffel Tower and yes, dust bunnies that have been lurking within. Many people do not ever experience a break out but getting a facial purges skin of toxic materials and a break out can indicate that your skin is reacting well to the cleanse.

Regular facials, combined with appropriate skin care products, promise to minimize break outs and keep skin rejuvenated at its deepest levels. The key is to time your facial appropriately as it is better to come in for your service a month prior to a big event rather than a few days before. Nurture your skin and you will feel the same way about gazing in the mirror as you do about admiring stacks of perfectly folded sweaters or color coded rubber bands.


glominerals – Where Science and Beauty Meet

January 31, 2011

Image of Glo Mineralsmilk + honey has done the research and discovered the unparalleled benefits of using glominerals, a line of makeup derived from antioxidants such as green tea and vitamins A, C, and E. In rich hues ranging from classic to contemporary, glominerals will smooth out discrepancies in skin tone and texture while supplying both UVA and UVB protection. Rarely does makeup actually improve skin health but the pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals in glominerals are great for even the most sensitive skin and are helpful in reducing inflammation such as acne or rosacea.

Schedule a consultation at milk + honey salon and one of our makeup geniuses will show you how to use glominerals makeup to create fresh, seasonal looks for both day and evening. Bring in your makeup bag and learn which colors can stay and where you need to supplement with something new. Armed with a lesson from a pro and an arsenal of the most sophisticated alchemy, you will learn to highlight your best features and keep them healthy.

This February we are offering a Kiss and Tell promotion where you buy any Lip Gloss or Liquid Lips and receive a Lip Filler Pencils Free!  The offer is valid at both salons through 2/28/2011 with a maximum of two orders per partisan. Make your pucker perfectly irresistible just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Can Massage Help Me Lose Weight?

January 24, 2011

massage table at milk + honey spaOften spas promote massage as a way to lose weight and while it is not definitively true, there may be some indirect correlations.

Receiving a massage does not burn calories (but giving a massage does!), remedy cellulite, or take the place of exercise and a healthy diet. It does, however, increase muscle tone and the integrity of the skin. More importantly, massage lowers cortisol, a stress hormone which is often responsible for weight gain. When cortisol levels are high, the body has a difficult time resting and digesting and this stress mode causes weight gain.

Massage can also decrease water retention in the body by wringing toxins and excess fluids out of the muscles, slating them for elimination. Adrenal glands and kidneys get a jump start and move waste materials more quickly through the body. As circulation improves, skin appears healthier and smoother.

Even if no pounds are lost, massage sets the body up for the best conditions of optimal health and positive results show from the inside out.


Is Your Nail Service Sanitary?

January 20, 2011

When frightful stories of nail fungus and communicable diseases from manicures and pedicures are passed around, it makes you wonder what makes a nail station safe? It is not worth compromising physical health for beautiful fingers and toes.

At milk + honey we go to great lengths to ensure your nail service is as clean as it is elegant. Our pedicure stations are outfitted with bowl sinks for soaking your pups instead of using jet baths, which are known for harboring fungus. The bowls are completely sanitized between every client. All of our nail tools are thoroughly sanitized with Barbicide, an industry gold standard in cleaning solutions. The tools are then “cooked” in an autoclave so any stubborn bacteria is eliminated.

All nail technicians at milk + honey are highly skilled, licensed, well-trained and extremely fastidious so that you can relax, read a magazine, bliss out and enjoy your dazzling digits.

Photo credit goes to TheGiantVermin.

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