The Healing Benefits of Steam

March 16, 2011

steam canopy at milk + honey spaIf you have ever had a massage in one of our larger rooms you may have wondered about the intricate rigging hanging from the ceiling. Perhaps you have even seen the white canopy dangling down and have been too afraid to inquire. Well, rest assured we will not string you up by the pulleys. That big white tent is a steam canopy that when lowered over the massage table and attached to a steam pot, gives you a personal steam room. Other than the fact that this treatment is extremely relaxing, it is also a great ally to good health.

Often referred to as an “artificial fever”, the steam helps your body raise it’s internal temperatures which elicits a response from your immune system within minutes. This means your circulation increases, lymph drainage increases, you produce more white blood cells which fight off viruses and bacteria, and it improves your metabolism.

Detoxing is the body’s way of spring cleaning and the steam tent will help you clean out toxic materials you may have acquired from a certain music festival (not naming any names). Sweating purifies the body and rejuvenates the skin so you will end looking as great as you feel. Although hard evidence is slim on all the ways steam is beneficial, many weight loss and cellulite reducing treatments include steam. The water you lose while sweating is replaced when you rehydrate, but you burn calories to produce sweat so you can actually lose weight while you relax. Brilliant!

Come in for a SXSW Detox Retreat or try one of our amazing body treatments. This season you can indulge in our Orange Blossom Scrub, Steam and Massage. Check our website for more options or call either of our spa locations and a helpful concierge will answer any of your questions.

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