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Getting to Know: the Houston Management Team

April 6, 2016

Say “hello” to our Houston management team: Karena and Lauren.


Karena, General Manager

What is your favorite spa treatment?
As a spa manager for over a decade, I’m in love with all aspects of the beauty industry, so it’s really hard for me to choose just one. However, I’m currently loving our massagesI’ve been putting a lot of stress on my body getting ready for the opening, so these treatments are the highlight of my day!

What are five things that you want to accomplish in 2016?
My personal goals this year are to: travel more, cook amazing dishes, discover new artists, and make more time for yoga and running. My professional goal is to show the people of Houston how great milk + honey is!

What are your favorite restaurants in Houston?
Oh my, there are so many great places here. For breakfast, I love going to either Antidote or Juice Girl. Typically, I have lunch at my desk, which is great since my temporary “office” has been Pondicheri. They’ve been such lovely hosts and are fantastic neighbors. For dinner, I enjoy eating at Pax Americana, Pass and Provision, and Coltivare Pizza and Garden. These restaurants are so delicious and they never cease to amaze me.

If milk + honey were to expand, which cities would you like to see us in?
Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, and San Diego.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Always drink plenty of water and to get at least seven hours of sleep. These two things will do wonders for your body.

What is your favorite thing about milk + honey?
The team! Everyone here has been so kind, helpful, and nice. It’s truly refreshing to be around a group of people who want the best for everyone they come in contact with.

What’s the best thing about being a spa manager?
Seeing people reach their goals, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual! I love being surrounded by people that work hard and want to better themselves.

If you could be in any other profession, what would it be?
I can’t imagine working in any other profession. I fell in love with this industry eons ago, and I can’t picture myself being anywhere else.




Lauren, Assistant Manager

What is your favorite spa treatment?
I love them all, but since you’re making me pick one I have to go with our Signature Facials! Every time I get one, I always end up falling asleep. On the bright side, I waking up with a healthy and glowing complexion.

What five goals that you want to accomplish in 2016?
I have three personal goals this year: to learn another language — specifically Spanish, travel to one new place, and journal more. My two professional goals are to build the River Oaks location to become one of milk + honey’s most successful locations and to do something every day that positively affects another person. 

If milk + honey we’re to expand to another city where would you like to see us?
I think we should definitely expand to Denver!

What are your favorite restaurants in Houston?
I recently went to Hugo’s for brunch and absolutely fell in love with this place. It’s one of my new favorite spots. When you go, be sure to order The Greatest Margarita Ever Sold!

What is the number one place people have to visit in Houston?
milk + honey of course!

If you could be in any other profession, what would it be?
I think it would be so interesting to be a pathologist.

What is your favorite book and why?
I enjoyed reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. To me, this book transcends time and culture, and teaches people to have the courage to listen to their heart and to follow their dreams. 

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Meet the Newest Members of the milk + honey team

February 1, 2016

Our team is growing and we’re always looking for more exceptional talent. Click here to see our career page. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to introduce you to the newest Spa Partisans. 


Meet Alana, concierge. As a certified yoga teacher, Alana has a passion and love for health and wellness, and knew that milk + honey would be the perfect fit for her. Born and raised in Austin, her favorite way to start the day is with a yoga session at Sanctuary Yoga or Wanderlust, a jog around the Greenbelt or Lady Bird Lake, and then have brunch at Justine’s Brasserie.



Meet Shantel, a massage therapist at our 2nd Street location. Originally from Montana, she’s a second generation massage therapist. After seeing her mother help people, she decided this healing and rewarding path was for her too. Though Shantel doesn’t have any pets, her housemates have two precious pups and four chickens! Her number one beauty tip is that people should drink more water and regularly receive messages.


Meet Elizabeth, concierge. She has been living in Austin for three months and is loving every second of it. Originally from Las Vegas, Elizabeth decided to become a concierge because she loves helping people. Outside of milk + honey, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her curious cat, Doug, and cheeky dog, Ringo, both of whom are in her words: spoiled rotten!


InstagramCapture_9f1f1847-a777-4ce4-96bf-cbb36280921e (1)

Say hello to Jennifer, concierge. She considers herself lucky having lived in Austin all her life and loves to spend her time outside of milk + honey seeing and listening to live music around the city. 



Meet Celine, massage therapist at Hill Country Galleria location. Hailing from Chizé, France, she has been in Austin for just over a year and has always had a passion for people and wellness. When she’s not using her healing touch to relax and rejuvenate clients, you can find her enjoying a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, taking swing dance lessons, or watching the bats take off from under the Congress Bridge.




Meet Dawn, concierge. She has lived in Austin for two years and enjoys visiting all of the various food trucks the city has to offer. What Dawn loves most about milk + honey is the company’s unique culture and loves working with others who enjoy creating a wonderful and excellent experience for guests. After a day of helping people relax and unwind, she loves to spend time with her two furry children, KC and Stogey, who are best buds.


houston12 074

Meet Jackie,  concierge at our Houston location. She is passionate about health and wellness and decided to fuse her passion for these industries into milk + honey’s newest  location. Born in San Francisco, she has lived in Houston almost her whole life, and has a two-year-old Red Lacy (the official state dog of Texas) named Barley Hops and a bearded dragon named Kitty.

New Spa Partisans

Meet the Newest milk + honey Faces — And Yes, We’re Hiring!

February 9, 2015

If you haven’t guessed it, our milk + honey family is growing by the day. And, as we continue to seek out exceptional talent for our spa, salon, concierge, and management team (click here for all open positions), we also want to take a brief moment to introduce you to the newest faces.


Meet Winter, one of our newest concierge team members. She credits her outgoing personality as one of the reasons she wanted to be a milk + honey concierge — it’s the perfect way to interact with others and meet new people. If she’s not making your milk + honey experience a great one, you might catch her on the lake. Because, she says, who doesn’t love to jet ski?


Meet Kristen, our newest shampoo assistant at the Arboretum Market location. She has been an Austinite for six years now and when she’s not in the salon, you can usually find her doing something outdoors, trying new restaurants, or exercising.


Meet Anil, one of newest concierge team members. She has wanted to be a part of the wellness industry for some time now and milk + honey is the perfect place to kickstart that career. Plus, her impressive customer service experience is an asset to the milk + honey concierge team. When she’s not at work, Anil loves to walk around town lake and grab a yummy Juiceland smoothie.


This is Tiffany, the newest member of our 2nd Street District housekeeping team. While she may be fairly new to Austin — she moved here nine months ago! — she is already in love with all of the restaurants and food trucks this city has to offer.


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Have You Met the Newest Faces on the milk + honey Team?

March 10, 2014

We’re lucky to have such a talented, inspiring team of stylists, licensed massage therapists, estheticians, and concierges. And as we grow, so does our milk + honey family. Meet the newest faces, and make sure to come in to all three locations to say “hi!”

Meg, stylist at SALON by milk + honey at Arboretum Market
Meg is a beauty industry veteran. After 15 years as a makeup artist and esthetician, Meg sought a new challenge and became a hair stylist. She spent three years in New York, falling in love with her new field, and moved to Austin in 2013. Meg feels a connection to her clients and has a knack for understanding their needs, and creating cuts and colors that are wearable and easy to maintain. She loves creating luxurious blondes, eliminating frizz with keratin smoothing treatments, and cutting sassy pixie styles. When she’s not in the salon, Meg is probably at the movies, cooking extravagant dinners, or playing with her Chinese Crested puppies, Billie and Miles.

Mark, licensed massage therapist at 2nd Street District/Downtown spa
Mark has been in Austin for the past seven years and has been heavily involved in our local dance community. He has two cats whom he likes to spend his spare time with. And when he’s not dancing or chilling with his cats in his down time, he also enjoys yoga and bodywork.

Alyssa, shampoo assistant at Hill Country Galleria salon
Alyssa has been in Austin for the past six months, but she has already fallen in love with the city’s hike and bike trails, music scene, and busy outdoor life. She decided to become a cosmetologist because she loves hair, the salon life, and meeting new people. Her beauty tip is “as long as you own your style, you can pull it off!”

Kim, licensed massage therapist at 2nd Street District/Downtown spa
Kim Ferrini
Kim moved to Austin seven years ago. She loves being outdoors, and her favorite place to be (outside of the spa) is the Greenbelt. Kim became a massage therapist because she really wanted to give something special to other people. Her favorite beauty tip is a DIY oil, mixing castor oil and grape seed oil — it’s great for your skin and hair.

Jordan R., nail tech at the SALON by milk + honey at Arboretum Market
image (1)
Jordan moved to Austin three years ago from Seattle, Washington. She loves it here, and enjoys going to see any concert or live music. Jordan loves being a nail therapist and being able to make others feel beautiful inside and out.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome New Concierge Sasha

November 26, 2013

sashaaaWe are happy to welcome Sasha, our newest concierge, to the milk + honey team.

Sasha has only been in Austin for three weeks, but loves the city already. So far, her favorite thing to do is take in all the scenery. “Austin is gorgeous, green, and lush,” she says.

She wanted to be a milk + honey concierge because the spa has a warm and inviting environment. And she’s excited to apply her love of working with people to milk + honey’s clientele, in order to provide the best experience possible.

Sasha’s personal beauty advice is to “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize,” which — we have to admit — is a great beauty rule for everyone and for all seasons.

Stop by and say “hello” to Sasha at our 2nd Street District or Hill Country Galleria location today!


The World is Flat: The Observational Printmaking of Veronica Ceci

July 24, 2012

by Veronica Ceci

Come support Veronica Ceci, a local artist and milk + honey concierge, and she makes her debut at Flatbed Press.

The World is Flat: The Observational Printmaking of Veronica Ceci
July 14 – August 4, 2012

Veronica, a master lithographer, creates images from observation of real people interacting with personal, portable machines such as tablet computers, smart phones and cameras. She is also inspired by the dense, planographic configuration of the machine’s screens. Her use of graphic shapes and flat colors reminds us of the increased banality of life with the pronounced and heightened presence of these social technologies and information providers. Ceci’s compositions highlight how often these tools distance us from real and meaningful contact with each other and our environment.


Welcome New Stylist Jaimie

January 5, 2012

We are so excited to have our newest stylist, Jaimie, join our Hill Country Galleria team! Jaimie loves being a stylist, she can not imagine doing anything else. She wants to make people feel good, “and what better way to do that than through someone’s best accessory, their hair.” Her favorite hair tip … those with colored hair should wash it with water as cool as possible, this will keep your color vibrant and shiny. You will find Jaimie at out Galleria SALON.

Welcome Jaimie!

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