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This Is the Right Way to Dry Your Hair

July 12, 2017

Say goodbye to blow drying your hair! AQUIS towels and turbans will not only cut your dry time in half, but will also add shine, reduce frizz, and prevent breakage. The proof is in the numbers.

Why Does Towel Drying Your Hair Matter?

After washing your hair, it’s important to towel dry your locks immediately. Why you may ask?  When you wash and condition your hair, the keratin proteins in your hair open up to accept all of the nutrients from your products. Once you’re finished washing your hair, the excess water continues to open those cuticles causing them to swell and stretch. When a hair strand stretches past a certain point, it can cause damage and breakage.  Towel drying your hair right after a shower allows your locks to seal. If you skip towel drying and going straight to blow drying, you’re actually stripping the moisture and natural oils from your hair. Which can leave you with dry, brittle, and frizzy hair. A good rule of thumb is to only blow dry your hair when it’s damp.


The Science Behind AQUIS Towels And Turbans

AQUIS towels and turbans are engineered to quickly remove water from your locks, taking it from wet to damp without the use of a hot tool. The secret behind these towels is Aquitex technology. Aquitex technology is a drying system that utilizes ultra-fine fibers in a unique woven pattern to quickly dry your hair. This pattern absorbs excess water and evenly distributes it throughout the towel. The result is a quicker dry time and locks that have less frizz, breakage, and are more manageable.


Which AQUIS Towel/Turban Is Best For Your Hair Type?

Those with short, curly, fine, or medium length hair should use the Lisse Luxe Towel ($30) and Turban ($30). These products are made with an absorbent weave technique to quickly absorb water without damaging your locks.


Chevron Luxe Towel ($30) and Turban ($30) are great for those with curly, fine, and thin hair. Just like the Lisse Luxe, it’s ultra-absorbent and gives your hair a smooth finish.


Those with thick, coarse, or porous hair should use Waffle Luxe Towel ($35) or Turban ($40). These towels and turbans have double the fabric, compared to the Lisse and Chevron, allowing for more water to be absorbed.


How Do I Use AQUIS Towels And Turbans?

After washing your hair, wring the excess water out of your hair. Then, flip your hair forward to the front of your face. Next, cover your hair with the AQUIS Towel and tuck the end of the towel at the nape of your neck. Leave the towel on until your hair is damp to the touch. Then, style as desired.

If you have the turban, try this step-by-step tutorial.

Aquis Towels and Turbans are available at all SALON by milk + honey locations.



{Photo Credit: Of a Kind | Infograph}

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