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The 5 Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

July 7, 2017

Hi everyone!

It’s Diano from the River Oaks salon — and here we are in the first beautiful days of summer. As we dive into the heat and humidity, I want to share my take on some of the most popular hairstyles of the season. But before I do, I should give you some context for how I approach these styles.

  • These “takes” can change based on my clients’ needs, expectations, and desires.
  • I want to create something for you that you love.
  • Together, we’re going to create a stylish, fashionable, fun, and easy hairstyle.

The Five Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

1. Pixie Cut

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

What Makes the Pixie Cut Great?

It’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and offers you more freedom. You’ll use considerably fewer haircare products and save on time in the mornings, making it a true wash-and-go style. It’s great for a power look and allows you to play with different color trends. If you’re looking to stand out, the pixie cut helps to accentuate facial features.

Take Into Consideration…

You may be seeing your stylist more often for quick trims and touch-ups — and you may need to wash your hair more often due to the higher concentration of natural oils.


2. Bangs

Photo credit: David Shankbone

Why Should I Get Bangs This Summer?

Yes, bangs are a commitment game-changer, but there are so many styles to choose. From blunt (bold!) to sweeping (face-framing and romantic!) to the fringe (softer! choppier!), bangs can be the main focus of your look. They shape and enhance the eyes, and for those looking to cover your forehead, this is a simple solution.

Take Into Consideration…

Unless you plan on growing them out, bangs need touch-ups frequently. Contrary to popular frustration with “in-between” bangs, if you are growing them out, I can create fun ways to maintain them easily.

3. Curly Bobs

Photo credit: Georges Biard

What’s the Deal With a Curly Bob?

First and foremost, it’s fun! The curly bob can be worn so many ways, especially because you can indulge in different textured finishes. Blowing out the curls into soft waves — or even going pin-straight! — can offer a whole different feel and look. Needless to stay, it can be changed to accommodate various occasions, moods, and lifestyles. The curly bob is great for showing off shoulders and stature… it’s the perfect complement to this season’s off-the-shoulder tops.

Take Into Consideration…

As the curly bob grows out, you can transition into a mid-length lob, which is very versatile! It can also be molded into long, grown-out natural waves, twisted into soft, beachy bohemian tresses.

4. Long Layers

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Why Should I Get Long Layers?

So you only want to get your ends trimmed? Great! Long layers are beautiful and low-maintenance. Opt for sleek, natural, or Hollywood romance á la Veronica Lake. With a long-layered look, you can highlight shine, styling, and color. Braiding and roping will be your go-tos for hotter days and an evening updo is easy to achieve with long layers.

Take Into Consideration…

You can’t go wrong with long layers. It’s a style that works on most face shapes. If we determine that going shorter/more layered/more textured is in your best interest, we’ll do so together.

5. Balayage

Photo credit: KarinaNISA

Why Is Balayage the Color Trend of the Summer?

Custom hand-painting is nothing new; in fact, it has been a mainstay for many years. That said, it remains a most-requested color style because of its beautiful mix of highs and lows on natural-toned hair. It truly gives you that sun-kissed look that we all strive for during the summer. Throughout the years, balayage has been called many names: ombré, foil lights, babylights, hand-painting, color melting, block color, pixilated, and streaking to list a few. However you want to spin it, balayage offers up a much more natural-looking color for much healthier hair overall. There are no regrowth lines and it’s less maintenance.

Take Into Consideration…

This is a color style that allows you to go much longer between touch-ups. Thanks to its sun-drenched highlighted look, you can get away with not getting “new color” for months at a time.


About Diano, River Oaks Stylist:

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Diano exudes a natural desire to help people feel good about themselves. He has taught new, upcoming stylists about hairdressing as well as how to create editorial, runway, and platform hairstyles. He is a master at avant-garde cutting, traditional barbering, balayage, color correction, special event and wedding updos, and is certified in Keratin smoothing treatments.

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