30 Fun Things To Do At Home Alone

June 7, 2021

It’s no secret that we’re all spinning a lot of plates. Life was moving at warp speed as it was, and then 2020 decided to throw a few curveballs into the mix. We’re all facing new demands on our lives, and balance seems more elusive than ever. In all likelihood, self-care has slipped to the bottom of many of our to-do lists. 

While there’s plenty to do every day and plenty of people to take care of, milk + honey would like to remind you to put your oxygen mask on first. Taking care of yourself is crucial, and the good news is there are plenty of ways to give yourself a moment (or two), that can be done at home and don’t cost a dime.


Here are a few fun self-care ideas you can do at home alone:

  1. Catch up on some sleep (This may mean you need to re-examine your sleep routine. Perhaps cutting down on evening screentime will aid in this process?)
  2. Dance it out 
  3. Try journaling 
  4. Grab some color pencils and try an adult coloring book
  5. Phone a friend 
  6. Piece together a puzzle 
  7. Bake up something delicious and indulgent 
  8. Netflix and chill on your own with your favorite guilty pleasure
  9. Take a bath 
  10. Turn off your phone and taste the freedom 
  11. Meditate
  12. Go for a walk 
  13. Prepare your favorite meal (or order in— we love supporting our favorite local spots!) 
  14. Watch the sunset (or, watch the sunrise)
  15. Spend an hour with your favorite book or find a new favorite 
  16. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert 
  17. Have lunch with a friend (over FaceTime!)
  18. Listen to a podcast 
  19. Take a nap
  20. Learn something new (there are several great platforms like Coursera, which offer free online continuing education and language courses)
  21. Try some mindful breathing exercises
  22. Declutter your closet 
  23. Try a soothing foot soak
  24. Light your favorite candles
  25. Practice a little gratitude
  26. Try a new makeup look just because
  27. Give yourself a manicure
  28. Snuggle with your pet
  29. Create some new playlists
  30. Shuffle around your furniture to give your space a fresh look


What to do when you need a break from home

When you’ve run through this list or decide you need to get out of the house, consider going out for a day of relaxation at your local milk + honey spa. Choose from a wide range of spa, salon, and med spa services (availability varies by location).


Find the milk + honey location closest to you and book now for a day of pampering!

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