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3 Tips for Choosing an Effective Eye Cream

June 24, 2019

If Eye Cream isn’t a solid step in your skincare regimen yet, that’s okay. While it’s a good rule of thumb to preventatively incorporate anti-aging products before you need them, it’s never too late to start. 

It can be challenging to navigate the “must-haves” and essential ingredients when shopping for an effective eye cream. We’re proud of each ingredient in our hyperclean formulation, but these three pack the biggest punch in our Eye Cream.

Vitamin K

Research has found Vitamin K to be an extremely healing ingredient. You’re likely incorporating the anti-inflammatory vitamin into your diet via greens like kale or spinach. On a topical level, Vitamin K can help diminish the appearance of dark under-eye circles, making it an instant no-brainer to include in our Eye Cream.


I know it seems a little on-the-nose to literally apply caffeine to tired undereyes, but the antioxidant-rich ingredient is known to reduce the appearance of water retention and puffiness. 

Organic Baobab Seed Oil

This multi-tasking ingredient is filled with Vitamin A, E, and omega fatty acids. In other words, it helps to hydrate skin and fight against external signs of aging.

Shop milk + honey Eye Cream.

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    Great article.
    Thank you.
    Also, I like to see the cost of your products as you display the pictures you should also display the cost.

  • Reply Hrelate January 3, 2020 at 2:16 am

    I will use the eye cream you mentioned and tell you how much it suits me. Thank you!

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  • Reply Heather December 4, 2020 at 3:59 am

    Love that it is also cruelty-free!

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