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July 12, 2018

Everyone knows your skincare regimen needs a little TLC during the sunny, summer months, but have you ever considered your hair routine? Personally, I find myself stepping up my hair hydration game between May and Octoberish. (That’s summer when you live in Austin.) I prefer to let my hair air dry, but Texan summer heat + my natural waves = an often frizzy, not super chill look on my part. I’ve tried Lee From America’s famous #cocobun, of course, but I needed insider info. During a blowout at milk + honey, I found the answers c/o Kate Allen, a very knowledgeable stylist.

What’s a gal to do about dry ends and frizz?

Hair that lacks hydration causes frizz. So you have to address the issue of putting moisture into the hair. When you think of frizz, visualize a hair strand. Think of antennas sitting on the hair strand. Those antennas are looking for moisture in the environment to pull back into the hair. So if you take care of that from the beginning and put the right products in, you should never have to battle frizz.


How do you infuse moisture into the hair, though?

In the salon, we use our great products to deliver moisture into the hair while it’s still wet. So for example, right after washing or right before a blow dry, we put product into the hair and that delivers moisture in and pushes the water out. Styling is just a relationship between three things: heat, product, and moisture balance. When we’re working to style, we’re working to figure out how that balance works for each person’s particular hair type. 


What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when trying to get that shiny hair glow?

You have to choose products to do a job water won’t necessarily do. We keep trying to smoothe product on top of frizz, when the issue is the hair thriving from the inside, out. 

Also, when it comes to hydration, you have to treat each hair type differently. If you put too much moisture on fine, wavy hair, (even though it needs moisture) your hair is going to fall flat.


Next, she walked me through her favorite hair products for hydration.




Dry/Aging Hair

“From Kevin Murphy, we have a product called Young.Again Oil that uses baobab seed. That’s taken directly from a tree that lives all year long in the middle of the desert that’s able to supply enough moisture to maintain life. It’s great for aging hair, but it’s something we use on a lot of clients here — no matter the hair type.”

Thicker Hair

Love Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner and Love Smoothing Moisturizer from Davines are amazing for hair that has any coarseness — heavier, thicker, coarse, curly hair. It’s amazing — especially if you’re going to go through with a smooth blowdry afterward. It smells really good.”


Finer Hair

“If you have medium hair or finer hair with texture, you’re going to want something you can wear for a couple days without a wash. Smooth.Again from Kevin Murphy is not going to pull your curls out — it will enhance them and give them moisture since the molecules are totally weightless. The lotus flower extract ingredient is totally smoothing and moisturizing.”


A big part of hydration is putting the right kind of moisture in.


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