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beauty sleep: four ways to get the best rest

January 25, 2018

In our fast-paced lives, managing to pencil in the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep can feel like a tall order. And even though we’ve made the time for some shut-eye, there are days when we wake up feeling groggy and unrested. That’s because we often skip steps to optimize our beauty sleep. There are a lot of strategies on ways to achieve your best rest, so we’re here to simplify. Here are our top four tips to unlock your most peaceful slumber.

Good Foundation

Set up your sleeping situation for success with fresh sheets and pillows. We recommend investing in at least two quality sets of sheets made with high-quality, natural, breathable fabrics. It’s best to wash your sheets about once a week, and it’s especially important to keep clean pillowcases to avoid breakouts. In fact, we recommend treating yourself to a high-quality silk pillowcase. Since we spend approximately a third of the day face-to-face with our pillows, this magical investment can transform your hair and skin. Silk doesn’t trap oils like cotton, so you’re left with a cleaner slate to lay your freshly-washed skin at night. The sleek material also lessens friction, preventing bedhead and hair breakage. We like this brand.



We know, we know — unplugging is way easier said than done. Allowing your body time for a digital detox before bed is a key ingredient for better, higher-quality sleep. Here are a few ways to help yourself unplug before bed:


  • Read: Lose yourself in literature and avoid screens before you say goodnight. Your rested mind will thank you for swapping Netflix for old school paper and ink.
  • Journal: As you know, we believe in the power of gratitude. Take a moment to reflect on your day and jot down a few things you appreciate. Journaling will bring you to a positive headspace so you can achieve your best rest.
  • Don’t sleep next to your phone: At least try to leave your phone across the room so it’s out of reach from your comfy bed. Pro tip: replace your harsh iPhone alarm with a sunlight alarm clock to wake you up in the AM. Before sounding, the clock gradually illuminates to imitate the feeling of sunrise. You’ll wake up refreshed and feeling ready to skip those 15 minutes of mindless Instagram scrolling.


Dim the lights

Your mind and body cannot fully relax when the lights are left on. This includes your television and even your salt rock lamp. Although salt lamps can be left on at all times, it’s best to turn it off to catch those ZZZs. Blackout curtains can be a worthy investment, but you can also try an eye mask to ensure you’re getting your best shut eye. Psst. There’s a silk sleep mask out there, too.


Slow down

You deserve to pause and unwind before bed. Treat yourself to a warm shower or bath to relax your body and clear your mind. We also recommend trying meditation to prevent anxious or toxic thoughts from keeping you awake. Our favorite meditation app is Headspace. Finally, do your best to avoid your phone 30 minutes before bedtime. Your eyes deserve a break from screens.


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