5 Ways to Relieve Body Stress and Tension

June 4, 2017

From sitting at a desk all day and active wear-and-tear to heavy-lifting and unexpected tweaks, we’ve all experienced some degree of muscle, joint, and body pain. In an effort to help you relieve it, our massage therapists share their five top tips.

1. Ease Jaw Pain

Did you know that serious jaw tension can through off your entire body’s posture? Ease jaw pain now.


2. Try Rolfing

Improve your posture, reduce stress, and relieve chronic pain with rolfing.

3. How to Treat Knots

If you hold tension in your shoulders and neck, you probably have knots. Here’s how to treat ’em.


4. Cupping

Release shoulder, back, and leg pain and tightness with the ancient Chinese technique of cupping. Here’s the 411 on why you should try it sooner rather than later.


5. Arnica-Infused Products



Treat aches, pains, and bruises with milk + honey Arnica-infused products.

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