Whole Lifestyle Magazine experiences milk + honey spa

September 28, 2011

milk + honey spa loves to impress. It looks like we did our job when Whole Lifestyle Magazine came calling. Whole Lifestyle promotes a holistic, eco-friendly and sustainable approach to life. Not only did they enjoy being pampered and preened, but they also focused on milk + honey being green.

Spa owners, Alissa and Shon Bayer are deeply committed to establishing “green” practices throughout their business and recently purchased Renewable Energy Certificates from Austin-based Green Mountain Energy. Also, the produce available in the lounge comes from Greenling, a distributor for local farm goods.

Click here to read the entire article. Whole Lifestyle Magazine appears free of charge and supports their non-profit model Whole Kids Adventure, a new child development model that seeks to change the junk food culture and is fighting child obesity.

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