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What’s the Deal With Those Himalayan Salt Lamps?

May 30, 2016

Perhaps, you’ve already noticed those glowing “orbs” of pink-ish light dotting the treatment rooms of our spas? If not, we’re here to tell you: we love a Himalayan crystal salt lamp here at milk + honey. Let us count the ways.


  1. It naturally purifies the air. When lit, it removes dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and other air pollutants.
  2. Because this lamp cleanses the air, it helps to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms as well as ease coughing.
  3. When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause you to feel stuff sluggish. Translation? You’ll experience increased energy levels.
  4. It naturally enhances your mood. I mean, how could it not? Increased energy levels, clean air, reduced allergies? Yes, please!
  5. It is an environmentally-friendly light source.
  6. While this may not be a true health benefit, it sure does make us happy — Himalayan crystal salt lamps reduce static electricity.

The best part of all this list making? milk + honey now offers these Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamps ($40) in all of our locations. Don’t miss out!

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