A New, Simpler VIP Program at milk + honey

October 4, 2012

At milk + honey it is easier than ever to be a VIP (Very Important Partisan). We have made a few changes to our VIP Program. Now you will be able to exchange “milk money” for any treatment, any day of the week.
Here’s how it works, for every 50,000 points you earn, you’ll receive a milk money credit worth $40 to spend on services, products, or gift certificates. Now you can use your milk money for any service any day of the week, with no restrictions.

Earning 50,000 points is easy. You are automatically enrolled in our VIP program from the first time you make a purchase at milk + honey. You could be close to receiving your milk money and not even know it!

Spending $1 at milk + honey on services, products, series or memberships gets you 100 points. Referring a friend who has never visited milk + honey before lands you 10,000 points. Pre-book your next treatment at checkout, that’s another 2,500 points. Click here to see the complete list of ways to get your milk money even faster.

Once you earn 50,000 points we’ll send you an email alerting you that you have earned milk money. Before, if you lost your milk money certificate, you were out of luck. Not now. We’ll keep track of it for you in our system. Next time you’re in the spa or salon, just let them know you’d like to use your $40 milk money credit on the service. Done and done. That’s right, milk money may now be used on any of our Massages, Body Treatments, Facials,Nail Treatments, Hair Treatments, Gift Certificates, and products any day of the week.

There is no catch, though feel free to read complete details of our VIP program. We feel it is the best rewards program, especially considering you’re already doing something you love.

But beware Very Important Partisans! Enjoying spa and salon treatments at milk + honey may be habit forming, resulting in lower levels of stress, increased beauty, and moments of extreme contentment.

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