Inventive EcoOrganic Elemental Mineral Mist now at milk + honey

September 24, 2012

Inventive EcoOrganic Elemental Mineral Mist is now available at milk + honey. It is available in three sizes and the price range is $17.50 to $41.75.

Four percent of the body is composed of elemental minerals, so Elemental Mineral Mist is designed to provide maximum mineral support to the cells of the skin. This concentrated, 100 percent bioavailable solution of minerals and other natural skin moisturizers feeds the cells in the exact manner they need to thrive. Excellent for those with acne or Rosacea, as well as for those with normal to sensitive skin, it is easily absorbed by the skin, helping to cleanse, repair, and rejuvenate. Containing supplemental minerals essential for the efficient skin absorption of vitamins, proteins, hormones, amino acids, and enzymes, Elemental Mineral Mist helps to maintain proper skin pH balance while providing long-lasting suppleness and elasticity.

Mist over skin several times daily, as needed, whether skin is dry, oily, or simply needs cooling down. This formula will also extend the freshness of makeup by preventing cracking and drying. For best results use as directed by your Inventive Skincare Therapist™.

A natural mineral humectant, essential to the formation of connective tissues – reduces wrinkles, firms and replenishes the skin, improving its texture and elasticity

An essential body mineral with restorative and anti-aging properties supporting the moisture balance of the skin

An antiviral and antimicrobial mineral with powerful healing properties

INGREDIENTS: Soluble Elemental Minerals from Ore: Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Tin, Cobalt, Lithium, Vanadium, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Gold, Molybdenum, Germanium, Platinum, Boron, Indium, Sodium, Bismuth, Iodine, Lanthanum, Chromium, Zinc, Silver and Iron, Menthol and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan)

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