milk + honey spa Featured in Heaven Salon

September 12, 2012

Heaven Salon visited milk + honey spa and had some wonderful things to say. Joanna received a Lux Massage and a Blowout. Here are a couple of excerpts from the article. You can read the entire article of

EXPERIENCE: For my trip to Milk and Honey I started off with the 60 minute Lux massage. When changing into my robe, I was already impressed with the facilities. Even the robe itself was soft and of top notch quality! I waited in the lounge for a bit, and even being the impatient person I am, I enjoyed the wait. I helped myself to some healthy snacks and even before entering the massage room, I was already starting to relax. Then, the real test of the Milk and Honey experience came and I spent the next hour of my life on the massage table. My massage was fantastic! Courtney gave me the best massage I have ever had and made me feel insanely comfortable and relaxed.

AMBIENCE: From the outside, you might never know there is such a relaxing environment in the middle of the busy streets of downtown. But, once you enter Milk and Honey and make your way into the lounge, you will feel like you are in a hidden oasis.

To read the entire article, click here. Or better yet, call 512.236.1115 and schedule your treatment today.

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