Kobo Candles and a Holiday Discount

November 7, 2011

milk + honey carries a full line of Kobo Pure Soy Candles.

Kobo candles are made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans. This creates the cleanest burning medium and excellent level of fragrance yield. Cotton wicks provide a pure and clean flame. Kobo candles are not only created using environmentally friendly materials but they do not pollute the home either.

Kobo scents are achieved using the finest boutique fragrance houses in the US. Each candle is then made to specific standards that maximize the fragrance yield to the individual scent to create a room-filling yet not overpowering aroma.

Just for the holidays, milk + honey is offering a discount with Kobo Candles. Purchase any Holiday Package like our Holiday Mini-Retreat or our Holiday Signature Plus Retreat, and you can add a Kobo Candle for just $30. Kobo Candles are regularly priced at $33.

milk + honey carries the following scents at all of our locations (subject to availability):

Water Mint
Artemesian Lemongrass
Orange Amber
Cultured Sake
Mango Tree
Yuzu Leaf
Portuguese Olive Blossom
Green Pearl Jasmine
D’Anjou Lychee
Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla
White Birch Rosemary
Golden Mimosa
Vanilla Citrus Zest
Fresh Currant
Manchurian Dragon Fruit

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