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Will Getting a Facial Make Me Break Out?

February 7, 2011

When cleaning out a storage closet or a junk drawer it usually gets worse before it gets better. You pull everything out, wipe it down and put back in order. This process is similar to getting a facial. If you have not been getting them regularly, you may bring to the surface all the too-small ice skates, puffy painted t-shirts of the Eiffel Tower and yes, dust bunnies that have been lurking within. Many people do not ever experience a break out but getting a facial purges skin of toxic materials and a break out can indicate that your skin is reacting well to the cleanse.

Regular facials, combined with appropriate skin care products, promise to minimize break outs and keep skin rejuvenated at its deepest levels. The key is to time your facial appropriately as it is better to come in for your service a month prior to a big event rather than a few days before. Nurture your skin and you will feel the same way about gazing in the mirror as you do about admiring stacks of perfectly folded sweaters or color coded rubber bands.

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