New Product: SoCal Cleanse

January 4, 2011

Looking for a new you in 2011? We’re excited to be offering the world’s first USDA certified organic cleanse, from SoCal Cleanse.

SoCal Cleanse is the first company in the world to create a USDA certified organic cleanse, the first company in the world to focus on detoxing as a lifestyle concentrating on the body, inside and out, and the first company in the world to create an entire line of USDA certified organic detox products.

We’re offering the following products:

Organic Detox Formula –  A 30-day supply of an organic supplement that is designed to help the body detoxify. Purchase

Protein +Detox – A hemp based protein powder that contains toxin busting fiber that contains a blend of herbs specifically formulated to promote healthy digestion and cleansing. Purchase

Organic Detox Tea – A proprietary blend of herbs gently cleanses your body while providing essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – a perfect blend of nutrients. Purchase

Detox Salt Scrub – Pacific Ocean, certified organic oils, and organic detoxifying herbs and seaweeds create a system that thoroughly exfoliates, detoxifies, and replenishes in one easy step transforming your skin from dry and flaky to soft and supple. Purchase

Detox Bath Soak – SoCal Cleanse organic detox bath soaks use a unique blend of salts, detoxifying herbs, and cleansing seaweeds to create a luxurious bath experience that not only softens your skin, soothes tired muscles, and helps detoxify your body but also replenishes and rejuvenates with aromatherapy and essential minerals. Purchase

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