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The Value of Facials

November 9, 2010

Facial in ActionIn a blog post titled: Are Facials Worth the Money? Allure Magazine got the dirt on whether or not facials are just a feel-good experience or truly beneficial to your skin. Some highlights:

STEAMING. “If pores are clogged, steaming lets you clean out dirt without excessive pressure, which can cause inflammation,” says Amy B. Lewis, a New York City dermatologist. It works on all skin types, but the facialist should do it only on clean skin. Bottom line: Do it.

MASKS. Soothing and exfoliating masks tend to have the best results, but doctors are less laudatory of collagen masks: “Topical collagen cannot penetrate the skin,” says Leslie Baumann, a Miami Beach dermatologist. As for antioxidant masks, “the ingredients begin to work on the surface to neutralize environmental damage, so there may be some benefit,” says Day.

In sum, certain aspects of facials (which we tend to emphasize) are very beneficial to your skin, while others are less beneficial. Talk to your esthetician to learn about how to customize your facial to your skin type.

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