The Hair Trend You Need To Try: Multicolor

September 23, 2016


Magenta, periwinkle, and lilac are no longer just crayon colors. The bright shades are now part of a new hair “movement” — the multicolor hair trend. Similar to creating dimensional blondes or brunettes, our 2nd Street District stylist, Jess, uses pinks, purples, and reds to transform her client Nora from a pastel blonde to a bright pink mermaid.

The 411 on multicolor hair

Before embarking on this hair trend, there are a couple of things you should know. First-time clients will need to book a free consultation with our stylists. During this consultation, your stylist will talk to you about your hair goals, the process and what to expect, and the maintenance for multicolor hair. If you would like this type of dramatic change, please call our reservations team at 512.236.1115 or 713.231.0250.

FYI: Nora’s hair process was a two-step color with a blowout. For those with darker hair or coarse texture, you may require one or more additional visits.

The Journey



Nora’s and Jess’s journey began a year ago, after a box dye job gone wrong. “I had dark brown hair and wanted to go platinum blonde, so I decided to try one of those box dyes you get from the drug store. My hair didn’t turn out anywhere near platinum blonde, and I decided to go to a professional rather than fixing my hair on my own and possibly damaging it even more,” Nora told us. During the appointment, Jess explained how going platinum blonde wasn’t possible right away. Still, Nora wanted something different and the two finally decided on going bright blue! Since then, Nora has been experimenting with color and has done everything from purple to teal.

Going Bright


Step 1. Jess begins by bleaching Nora’s dark roots. This will help the brighter color saturate easier and quicker.

Step 2. Next, she adds a darker pink to create dimension in the hair.

Step 3. Jess adds in purple to enhance her bright teal locks that are in Nora’s hair.

Step 4. After the color has been applied, Jessica sits Nora under the dryer to accelerate the color process.



Step 1. After sitting for about 30-minutes, Jess washes out the color and adds in a lighter pink that will go all over her un-dyed hair, giving her an all over pink look.

Step 2. Before styling, Jess preps Nora’s hair with Davines’ Essential Dede Hair Mist.

Step 3. Next, it’s time for a blowout. Jess begins by rough drying her hair and polishing it with a brush.

Step 4. Using Keratin Complex’s Styling Rod, Jess creates soft, beachy waves. Finish with Kevin.Murphy’s Gritty.Business and Davines’ This Is A Strong Hairspray and the look is complete.

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How to take care of color treated hair?



  1. After an intensive color service, you’re going to need to switch up your shampoos and conditioners. Davines Nounou shampoo and conditioner are designed to gently cleanse color-treated hair. $27 – $32
  2. Revive your hair with Davines Natural Tech’s Nourishing Hair Building Pak. This treatment adds proteins into the hair shaft, leaving your locks soft, silky, and full-bodied. $36
  3. Keep your color vibrant with Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion. This spray gives you visibly softer and more lustrous hair after one application. $38
  4. Before styling your hair with your favorite dryer or flat iron, protect your locks with Melu Hair Shield. This heat protectant spray is ideal for all types of hair and is packed with lentil seed extract to repair heat damage. $38

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