Beat the Heat With 3 Low-Maintenance Hair Tutorials

May 25, 2016


The higher the thermostat reads, the less appealing the idea of using your hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron becomes. Have no fear — beachy waves and other low-maintenance hairstyles need little to no heat to achieve gorgeous results. In addition, these easy hairstyles demand minimal time from your morning routine, so we think it’s about time we learned how to follow suit.

Today, we’re learning from the best: milk + honey | Arboretum Market stylist, Krystal.

Essential Summer Treatments


Ready to go the extra mile in low heat to no-heat styling? Then it’s time to invest in texture services, like our Keratin treatments and the American Wave, the latter of which is available exclusively at our Arboretum Market salon.

Keratin Treatment




FullSizeRender (74)

Our frizz-fighting Keratin treatment allows your hair to maintain its natural movement and reduces dry time by 50 percent, erases frizz, and is humidity-resistant. The Keratin Complex Treatment and Keratin Express Blowout are ideal for those whose hair has too much natural volume, frizziness, or ‘grows’ throughout the day.


The American Wave


If your hair is lacking volume and movement, but you dream of beach-babe hair, then our American Wave service is here for you. This new, innovative treatment allows your stylist to create soft, touchable waves or tight curls, if you prefer. Unlike traditional perms, which use harsh chemicals and are created using tight patterned curls, the American Wave allows for our stylists to create custom looks sans chemicals.


What to do *before* styling:

  1. “The best way to cut out heat styling and shorten your morning routine is to avoid starting every styling session with sopping wet hair,” Krystal says. “That may mean using less of your favorite shampoo. On your wash day, devote some time to showing your hair some love. Get your hair squeaky clean by shampooing twice in order to make sure to remove all residue. After applying your conditioner through your ends, apply the product regimen recommended by your stylist and get ready to enjoy fuss-free hair with these tutorials.”
  2. Invest in a great dry shampoo!  “I cannot stress this enough. Look for one that will not leave any residue on your scalp, gently remove natural oils, and won’t dry out your hair. My top picks are  Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair and Doo.Over.”
  3. Get a quality paddle brush. “This will remove any tangles and brush natural oils away from the scalp each night before bed.”
  4. Last but not least, grab some bobby pins and hair elastics. “People run with horror when faced with upstyling their own hair; when in reality, it’s quick, easy, and a great way to add some variation to your day-to-day style.”


Style While You Sleep


Step 1. Divide your hair into four equal sections.


Step 2.  Twist each section and secure with a bobby pin, leaving the ends of the hair out.


Step 3. Place each twist on top of your head with the bobby pin.


Step 4.  Lightly mist the entire head with Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Beach Texturizing Spray.

Step 5. Get your beauty sleep!

FullSizeRender (73)

Step 6. In the morning, remove the pins and let the twists down. Loosely finger through the waves and… you’re done. Now, you can truly say, “I woke up like this.”


Topsy Ponytail


Step 1. Take two sections from the front of the hairline and secure with a clear hair elastic.


Step 2. Flip ends through the middle of the section creating a twist at the base of the hair elastic.


Step 3. Repeat with a section underneath the first hair elastic.


Step 4. Tie a loose knot in the remaining ends of the two sections and secure ends with the third clear hair elastic.

FullSizeRender (71)

This effortless look is suitable for the office, brunch, or the music festival scene.


Quick Waves

Step 1. Use dry shampoo on the crown of the head.


Step 2. Divide hair into four sections.


Step 3. Twist each section and secure with a bobby pin, leaving the ends of hair out.


Step 4. On a low-heat setting, lightly tap flat iron over the length of the twists.

Step 5. Let hair cool in twists while you do your makeup, make breakfast, or prepare for the day.

Step 6. On your way out the door, let the twists out and lightly spray with Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Beach Texturizing Spray.



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