milk + honey and a Nose Waxing with Adored Austin

May 1, 2013

Indiana Adams of Adored Austin had a problem. milk + honey solved it.

Indiana is representing Austin in the Mrs. Texas Pageant. When it was time for a waxing, she knew who to call. In her post “And one time my friends staged an intervention…” she talks about her nose hair troubles, including being a recipient of a nose hair trimmer from a boyfriend. Here is an excerpt …

This morning I had my first set of Mrs. Austin headshots taken, and on Wednesday night I was horrified to notice that, once again, my nose hairs were out of control. Thankfully, yesterday morning, the dear folks at Milk + Honey Spa squeezed me in for an early appointment, and believe it or not, but I fell in love with nose hair waxing even more!

Indiana Adams

Read the rest of the Adored Austin article here.

For all of your waxing needs, call 512.236.1115 and view our full milk + honey spa Waxing Menu. There are also a limited number of waxing treatments available at SALON by milk + honey.

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