CosMedix Explains: Getting the Most out of Vitamin C

April 25, 2013

milk + honey is proud to carry CosMedix products, and the following article is just one reason why. CosMedix takes the time, and gives you the knowledge about their product Pure C. We sell Pure C at our three locations, and our online store. More articles are available here from CosMedix.

Maximum Poten-C
Getting the Most out of Vitamin C

purecIt’s no secret that vitamin C is a skincare powerhouse. From fighting harmful free radicals to creating a visibly brighter appearance, the topical benefits of this super-nutrient have been proven many times over. However, despite its myriad uses, vitamin C nevertheless poses a challenge for skincare companies. Its hydrophilic nature means it degrades quickly in aqueous solutions—an Achilles heel for an industry dominated by liquid and cream-based products.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the oxidative damage to cells (including skin cells) by neutralizing free radicals in the body. It’s also required for the conversion of procollagen to collagen—the protein group responsible for the skin’s structural integrity. While most vitamin C comes from dietary sources, its benefits are diffused throughout the body when taken internally. Topical application more directly affects the skin—but only if a substantial concentration reaches the desired location without degrading.

For most skincare brands, some degree of degradation is an acceptable—even inevitable—part of product development. Customers expect serums, creams and lotions, and meeting these expectations—even at the cost of ingredient integrity—is often easier (and cheaper) than offering potent alternatives that challenge customer perceptions. However, despite such challenges, one company has done just that.

CosMedix has built a reputation for rethinking the way products are packaged and even delivered to the skin. From molecular purification to cutting-edge ingredient encapsulation, the Atlanta-based company has developed novel ways of solving skincare’s biggest challenges. Their answer to the problem of vitamin C takes advantage of a purification technology that allows the synthesis of vitamin C into its purest powder form.

Made of 100 percent, pure L-Ascorbic Acid, in a unique, crystal form, Pure C preserves this key nutrient’s potency for maximum effect. The result is a highly concentrated powder that mixes with any serum or cream to dramatically enhance its brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. By delaying liquid interaction until the moment of application, Pure C sidesteps the issue of prolonged breakdown within a liquid formula to deliver the highest concentration of vitamin C possible to the skin.

As a powder, Pure C also allows users to incorporate vitamin C into their existing regimens. For instance, a person battling hyperpigmentation might mix it with a brightening serum, like Simply Brilliant, for added spot reduction. Someone concerned with premature aging might add several crystals to a firming serum or exfoliating cream, like Affirm or Serum 16 respectively.

By combining maximum potency with user customization, it’s no wonder that Pure C is a perennial bestseller. For CosMedix, the success of its innovative vitamin powder is proof positive that thinking outside of the box—or bottle—pays off.

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