Essential Stretches (You’ll Actually Use) now available at milk + honey

April 18, 2013

strech1“Essential Stretches (You’ll Actually Use)” is now available at milk + honey for $15.95.

This book includes over 30 key stretches for common areas of tightness and tension. It is also color coded by body region with clear photographs and simple instructions and includes answers to frequently asked questions about muscles and stretching.

This compact and complete guide to stretching has been designed for EVERY body, by providing support in creating and maintaining a general stretching program. Written by John Gifford, owner of Motionwise, and provider of massage and hands-on muscle care for over 24 years. He also has extensive training and certification in Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy and Exercise Therapy . The small size makes it easy to integrate into your lifestyle…throw it in a gym bag, purse or desk drawer.


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