CosMedix Radiance now at milk + honey

August 11, 2012

CosMedix RadianceCosMedix Radiance is part of CosMedix’s Skin Management Serum line, and is available at milk + honey for $94.75 (Net Wt. 15ml).

Rejuvenate damaged, maturing and menopausal skin — Radiance shields against harmful free radicals and glycation aging (hardening of the skin) while stimulating collagen to rejuvenate damaged, aging skin.

Combining the revolutionary epidermal growth factor (EGF) to stimulate healthy cell production with the antioxidant power of chirally correct L-glutathione, spin trap and blueberry extract, this rich, reparative serum helps ward off cellular damage and realize the radiant skin you deserve.

Our manager Summer loves to mix her Radiance with her CosMedix Pure C crystals for a beautiful morning cocktail!

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