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Opti Crystal – Eliminate Those Dark Circles

September 6, 2011

Katina is one of our fantastic Estheticians at our downtown milk + honey spa. She has been working as an Esthetician and natural Nail Therapist for more than 15 years. She explains how to eliminate those dark circles from under your eyes.

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Come into the light!

The dark circles under your eyes are a cause for worry. In an attempt to attain a flawless complexion, these dark circles are difficult to accept. Some basic facts will help you understand where these pesky rings come from.

The presence of dark circles is reflective of our inner health. It could be due to deficiencies of vitamins such as B6, B12 or vitamin K. It may also be a deficiency of minerals in the body.

The most common causes of dark circles are:

  • Stress and continued hours of work with insufficient breaks
  • Lack of proper sleep, reducing blood circulation
  • Drug abuse, smoking and alcohol
  • Genes (thanks Mom!)
  • Aging

If you wish to have a bright, spotless face, these dark circles need some attention. Here’s a tip that will help the discoloration fade away with time. Invest in a good professional product. Our favorite is the Opti Crystal by CosMedix. This chirally correct eye serum is a potent combination of protective properties with collagen and elastin-stimulating reparative ingredients. It is the ultimate eye serum (food for the eyes) and a favorite among Spa Partisans. The liquid crystals replenish damaged, thinning skin around the eyes while alpha lipoic acid and growth factors work to reduce the look of fine lines. This lightening, tightening and brightening product is very easy to use and also great for puffy eyes.

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