Wedding Tips from SALON by milk + honey

May 13, 2011

Brides have so much to do before their big day.

There is the guest list, the dress alterations, the seating assignments, the food tasting, and every last minute detail. We ask, when does the beautiful bride have time to pamper herself?

The staff at milk + honey spa and SALON by milk + honey have some wedding day tips to help make sure the bride not only looks great, but feels relaxed.


Jennifer, an esthetician at milk + honey spa downtown, says any waxing on the face needs to happen at least 5 days prior to the big day. Just in case some redness occurs, your skin has plenty of time to calm down. What about Bikini or Brazilian waxes? We recommend at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding day.

Skin + Body

For that perfect glow, get a facial one week before your big day and do a light exfoliation on the day of. That way, your skin will be dewy, fresh and your makeup will go on nice and smooth. If you feel a little puffy from the rehearsal dinner, do a eye and lip treatment to relieve puffiness and don’t forget to hydrate! If you’re an outside bride, make sure you have sunscreen. You don’t want to burn before the honeymoon. Backless dress? Come in for a back facial or yummy scrub treatment to remove any dry skin. Remember, the skin on your face isn’t the only skin that needs to be taken care of.

Hair + Makeup

Your hair should be cut and colored 2 and 4 weeks prior to the wedding. This ensures that you have time for adjustments before the big day. If you are having an updo, have a clear vision of what you want. Bring pictures, but keep your expectations reasonable! Many bridal magazines use hair extensions and special lighting to create these looks and they are often difficult to recreate in the real world. Hair + makeup trials are a must, and don’t forget the veil, clips and hair pieces. These are an integral part in your hair creation.


This is YOUR day. For breakfast, drink some green tea to balance out all of that excess adrenaline. Stabilize yourself with some anti-oxidants. And don’t forget, this is a happy day, enjoy it!

If we can be of any assistance in preparing for your big day, please let us know.

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