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Please Shop Local

November 26, 2010

On the biggest shopping day of the year, we’d like to ask all of our loyal Spa Partisans to shop local. Amidst the media frenzy of Black Friday and the huge lines outside of big box stores, it is easy to lose sight of the benefits of shopping local.

According to the Austin Independent Business Alliance:

Modest changes in consumer spending habits can generate substantial local economic impact. For every $100 in customer spending at a national chain, the total local economic impact is only $13. The same amount spent with a local merchant yields $45, more than three times the local economic impact.

milk + honey is a prime example of how local dollars benefit your friends and neighbors. In five years, we’ve grown to 125 employees who have subsidized health insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits. Compensating local staff rather than paying franchise fees or transferring funds to a corporate office certainly feels good and does good.

Out of town visitors often remark about how vibrant Austin’s retail and restaurant community is. And how diverse and independent it is. And how proud Austin is of its local businesses. It’s not a surprise that this environment leads to Austin wining accolades for its vibrant economy, vibrant arts scene, and innovation.

So, we’re asking you to support your local businesses this holiday season. Do some holiday shopping in Second Street District or along South Congress. Look for other choices through organizations such as AIBA or GoLocal.

And of course, gift certificates from milk + honey spa are a great way to keep it local.

Thanks Austin for all of your support of this local business!

Gift Guide

Seven Reasons to Love milk + honey Gift Certificates

November 23, 2010

There are lots of reasons why gift certificates to milk + honey are the best gift you can ever give. We like lists, so we’ll share a few of our favorite reasons with you.

1. They’re a calorie free indulgence.
2. They’re one size, so they fit all shapes and sizes.
3. They won’t clutter up the closet or be sold in the next garage sale.
4. Relaxation, health, and beauty are flattering on everyone.
5. Supporting local businesses like milk + honey supports your local economy.
6. They never expire.
7. Your friends + family will LOVE you even more when they are relaxed.

Learn about our holiday specials and packages here.

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Backrub 101: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

November 19, 2010

couples massage at milk + honey spaThis treat is better than Jelly of the Month club. By the number of gift certificates that we sell for Backrub 101, this treatment is clearly an all-time favorite.

Bring your partner to milk + honey and you’ll both learn how to give a relaxing back and neck massage. With just a few massage techniques, you can be a massage master to your loved one. After you each receive a 30-minute massage lesson, practicing on your partner, you will both receive a one-hour Lux Massage in our couples’ room. Buy gift certificate

So, if you are looking for an anniversary gift, Christmas present, or a birthday present that is out-of-the-ordinary this might be the treat for you! It’s also a great way to get someone who has never experienced a massage before to come into the spa.

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Gift Certificates – Instant versus Mailed

October 12, 2010

We currently have two ways of purchasing our ever-popular gift certificates online. (Of course you can always purchase a gift certificate by calling the spa or going into one of our locations.)

We have the widest selection of choices at These gift certificates can either be mailed to you, your recipient, or held for you at one of our locations. These gift certificates use the same beautiful packaging that our in-store gift certificates offer. Since these gift certificates are mailed or overnighted, there is a delay between purchase and delivery.

We also sell instant gift certificates through a different web storefront. These gift certificates can either be printed by you instantly or emailed to the recipient immediately. You’ll provide your own packaging. We still think that they look good and the ultimate service that your recipient will receive is unsurpassed.

Gift Guide

Treat Your Employees Right

September 15, 2010

Your loyal staff works hard for you all year long. What better way to thank them than with a relaxing massagefacial, or pedicure? milk + honey has developed an employee incentive program that makes rewarding your staff with soothing spa treats easy. According to a study published by the American Journal of Health Promotion, employers who offered their staff massage incentives found a 10% increase in productivity and 10% decrease in absenteeism! Contact us to learn more. Your priceless employees will appreciate the kudos.

Gift Guide

Administrative Professionals Day, April 21

April 1, 2010

Hey, Head Honcho!  Your Administrative Professionals work hard to make you look good all year, and April 21st is their big day. Show them you truly appreciate their organization, know-how, and grace under fire with a much deserved treat to milk + honey.  After a m+h Retreat, Spa Partisan Body Treatment, or Lux Mani + Pedi, your right-hand man or woman will feel relaxed, appreciated, and confident that they work for the World’s Best Boss! Check out our full menu of gift ideas to show support for your support staff on Administrative Professional’s Day, or email with the Big Cheese’s email info, and we’ll send them a much-needed reminder.

Gift Guide, Green

Go Green for the Holidays

December 16, 2008

At milk + honey we take extra efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. Below are a few ideas from our eco-wise team of Spa Partisans how to be a lean, green, waste not machine:

•Reuse or recycle packing materials – Online purchases are on the rise which means lots of bubble wrap, packing peanuts and styrofoam. Bubble wrap can be stored for reuse (if you can resist the insatiable urge to pop it), or it can be recycled. Foam packing chips are not as easily recycled. If you don’t want to store this material for future use, take it to a shipping center such as the UPS stores that will gladly use it. While its easy to recycle cardboard, its even better to reuse boxes. Before you break down those boxes and put them out to the curb, spend just a few minutes to find someone in need of a box or two. You can save the landfill while helping a friend.

•Recycle old electronics – New flat-screen computer monitors, laptops, cameras, cell phones are common holiday gifts. Older models which are being replaced are usually still in working order and should not be discarded to a landfill. Click here for information to help recycle these items.

•Christmas trees can be recycled too – Cut trees are useful material for composting. Composting requires a carbon source and Christmas trees are just right for municipal operations which use chippers to shred the material. trees which are up for replacement may also be recycled. These trees are usually made from metal which is accepted by most recycling centers.

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Everyday Luxury at Home

November 10, 2008

Simple little things can increase your general well being. As winter approaches, we tend to be less physically active, have lower energy levels, and our skin often feels dry. Want to feel better? Give yourself a foot bath. Fill a bowl with hot water and sprinkle in a spoonful of Sumbody bath salts or milk bath. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, while you enjoy the hot water around your weary feet. Complete your self treatment with a good moisturizing lotion, like Sumbody’s Goats Milk Cream, which refreshes and softens and skin. This will not take a lot of time but will make a noticeable difference in both your energy levels and your mood.

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