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What Kind of Facial Should I Get?

January 7, 2021
Woman receiving Signature Facial at milk + honey spa

While facials can transform your skin from dull to the divine, figuring out the best type of facial for your skin is often the first step. However, facial menus can be confusing, to say the least, and with so many different types, choosing the right one can be difficult. When making this decision, the important thing to remember is that skincare is never a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Everyone’s skin is different, and it’s always a good idea to choose the facial that’s best suited to your particular skincare concerns. 

Very often, spas offer a baseline facial, much like our Signature Facial, that offers a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, a facial mask, and deep moisturization. However, once you schedule your facial, it’s important to speak with your esthetician so they can tailor the service to your specific skincare needs. In the meantime, here’s a look at some common skincare concerns and the specific facials recommended for each.

Best Type of Facial for Each Skin Type

There are several different types of facials, and the type that’s right for you depends on you skin type. To help you find out which type of facial you should get, find your skin type and view general details about what’s best for your skin including the type of facial we recommend.

For Normal/Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused by a lack of water in your skin’s cells; that lack of water, in turn, stops your skin from sloughing off dead skin cells as it should. So, for those with dry skin, exfoliation is key. Facials for normal to dry skin can and should include the usual hallmarks of a relaxing facial, including a deep cleansing, exfoliation, a hydration mask, and intense moisturization. For those with normal skin, the good news is that there are very few limitations on the types of products that can be used. 

Our suggestion: Signature Facial, Lux Facial, Signature HydraFacial

For Combination Skin

Since combination skin has areas of oily and dry skin, opt for a facial that addresses both concerns without exacerbating either. While exfoliation and extraction remain important, the biggest difference could lie in moisturization. To that end, you should talk to your esthetician about using an oil-free moisturizer and a mask that addresses both concerns. 

Our Suggestion: Signature Facial, Lux Facial, Signature HydraFacial

For Oily Skin

Oily skin attracts dirt and debris (think dead skin cells, makeup, environmental pollutants, etc.). So facials for oily skin should focus on deep cleansing, exfoliation (preferably a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid), extraction, and toning. Masks used in facials for oily skin should remove excess oil and shrink pores. 

Our Suggestion: Signature Facial, Lux Facial, Ultimate Facial, Signature HydraFacial

For Sensitive Skin

While all skin needs exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and boost the effect of serums and moisturizers,  those with sensitive skin should steer clear of harsh exfoliants during their facial, which can further irritate the skin. Consult with your esthetician about the best ways to gently exfoliate and what products to use that won’t irritate your skin. 

Our Suggestion: Signature Facial, Signature HydraFacial

Book a Facial or Talk With an Esthetician to Find the Option That’s Right for You

Hopefully, this guide has helped clear things up for you. If you know which type of facial you’d like to get, you can book an appointment at milk + honey spa or you can talk with our experts to help determine which treatment is best for you. 

During your visit, you’ll get a consultation with a licensed esthetician to help tailor your treatment to achieve your skincare goals. After getting the facial, the esthetician will also provide product recommendations and tips to incorporate into your skincare routine. Book an appointment today at any of our locations, or purchase a gift certificate for someone else!

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