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milk + honey’s 2013 Mother’s Day Makeover Contest Winners!

May 10, 2013

The response to our makeover contest was absolutely overwhelming. We want to thank everyone for taking the time to write us and tell us why their mom should win.

Each winner will receive the following: m + h Manicure/PedicureCut + ColorMakeup Application, and a goodie bag filled with our favorite milk + honey products.

Stay tuned for before and after pictures of all of our winners.

Our Three Winners
2nd Street District Winner
Roberta (entered by her daughter Charla)

My mom raised me and my three brothers by herself. As a single mother, my mom was never able to experience luxuries like facials, pedicures, manicures and massages. Instead, my mom was working full time and sacrificing in order to provide us with the best life possible.

Currently, my mom is going through a tough divorce and is in a bit of a funk. She doesn’t feel like getting out and meeting new people and experiencing new things. It has a lot to do with her feeling negative about herself. This makeover would be a great way to boost her self esteem and give her the push she needs to enter into her new life.

I owe everything to my mom and she deserves a makeover that would make her feel as special as she is.

Hill Country Galleria Winner
Betty (entered by her son Rudy)

If there is anyone who deserves this great gift from milk + honey, it’s surely my mother. For the past three years, my mom has lovingly (without complaint) taken care of my father who has been diagnosed with heart, kidney and knee problems. His mobility has been compromised and is currently having to perform dialysis on a daily basis from home. The entire time during these events, my mom smiles and always puts her best foot forward for our family. She’s beyond tired, but simply won’t show it.

A makeover from milk + honey would be an absolute treat for her and she would appreciate it beyond words. It’s the simple things that make her happy, and for this Mother’s Day, she deserves for the world to know how great she is. Her outlook is always positive and to this day, she still inspires me by her actions and words. I want her to feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside… if that’s even possible.

Even if she doesn’t win this contest, it feels good telling someone else how wonderful she is.

Thank you mom.

Arboretum Market Winner
Tabitha (entered by her employer Lisa)

Tabitha has been my chairside dental assistant for the past four years. She is a very hard worker who has a very positive and friendly personality. She has a smile and laugh that puts our patients at ease (something not too easy to do at a dental office).

Tabitha is the mother of five kids all under the age of 10. She and her husband are raising his, hers and their kids. These kids are pretty amazing too. They are polite and sweet, and extremely well behaved in public. They are her number one priority, and it shows in the kids!

How she manages to come to work each day smiling and happy to be here is amazing! Knowing that when she leaves work each day she has food to prepare, homework to help with, kids to bathe, etc., she is just getting started with the rest of her day at 4 p.m. She’s really a neat person who I respect and admire, and oddly enough, I am old enough to be her mother! If there is anyone in this town who deserves a day of pampering at milk + honey, it is Tabitha!

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